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Staff at Beverly Campus

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2019-2020 Staff

FDK A – Mrs. C. Wolf/ Mrs. M. Hall

FDK B – Mrs. L Plumstead/ Mrs. S Banach

Grade 1A – Mrs. W. Blair/Ms. C. Duffy

Grade 2 A – Mrs. N. Faragheh

Grade 2/3A – Mrs. J. Nichols

Grade 3A – Mrs. T. Baggio/ Mrs. J. Buchanan-(LTO for Mrs. J. Blair – on leave)

Grade 4A – Ms. E. George-Archibald (LTO for Mr. C. Cook-on leave)

Grade 5A – Mrs. E. Heneberry

Library/ Music/ Phys. Ed. – Ms. C. DeRuiter

Learning Resource Teacher (0.5) – Mrs. T. Baggio

French/Primary Phys. Ed – Mr. R. Barrett

Educational Assistants: Mrs. K. Wolnowski, Mrs. T. Chambers, Mr. A. Henry-Lord

Office Administrator-Ms. K. Maxemiuk

Head Caretaker-Mr. B. Corkill

Vice Principal-Mrs. B. McVittie

Principal-Mr. P. Clemens

Updated on Friday, October 18, 2019.
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