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Secondary School Revitalization


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Our secondary schools are strategically located throughout the City of Hamilton, most with enrolments of over 1,000 students to ensure a wide range of program offerings. We are able to provide these programs to our students through the implementation of our Program Strategy, which looks at how we deliver programs in our secondary schools.

After hearing from hundreds of our students at our annual Director’s Student Voice Forums about what creates a great school, we want each student to find what they need for success in their local school. We want every school to support and value each pathway after graduation – apprenticeship, college, community, university and work. We want all students to find what they need in every one of our schools. The program strategy allows for this, as it gives us an opportunity to update our schools with the technologies, tools and environments that students will need for learning, working and living in the 21st century.

Revitalizing Secondary Schools

Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board will focus on the renovation of science labs, technology classrooms, specialized support programs, athletic fields and additional spaces (which will differ from school to school and can include learning commons, gymnasiums, washrooms, work rooms, etc.), at each of the remaining secondary schools. The scope of these types of projects would typically involve upgrades to school electrical systems, HVAC systems, windows, etc.

The following “Guiding Principles” were approved by the Board in April 2014:

1. Schools identified as being in “Poor” condition as defined in the long-term facilities master plan will be given priority both in terms of schedule and budget;

2. Revitalization will focus on the learning environments of students and will complement the Board’s program strategy;

3. The scope of work proposed for each school will adhere to the Board design standards;

4. The revitalization plan will be reviewed and updated on an annual basis, as part of the Board’s Long-Term Facilities Master Plan update, to reflect any changes in scope, schedule or available funds.

Updated on Monday, July 04, 2016.
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