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Re-organization and Meet the Staff BBQ

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Re-organization and Meet the Staff BBQ


Each fall, HWDSB reviews elementary student enrolment in schools, and reorganizes staffing if actual enrolment differs from spring projections. It is normal for student enrolment to fluctuate a little. Specifically, at our school, the reorganization will mean:

  • Closing a junior class and opening a primary class
  • Reorganizing the current primary and junior classes to accommodate class sizes.
  • The most significant change for staff and students is that Ms. L’Abbe is moving to grade 2/3 on the second floor, and Mr. Midgley will be teaching grade 5. Other grade changes are indicated in the table below.

We will be sending home letters this week to inform parents of student moves that will take place on Friday, October 7th. Only students who are moving classrooms will receive a letter. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding.  As always, our team of dedicated educators will work with you to ensure your child is well supported and experiences educational success. 

 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Here is the list of all staff and classes beginning Oct 7:

Teacher Class
Wendy Wright JSA
DECE Jennifer Manners JSA
Sarah Jones JSB
DECE: Amanda Borreggine JSB
Brenda Wasitis JSC
DECE: Renee Matuszewski JSC
Melissa Alaimo JSD
DECE: Angela Farrugia JSD
Steve Traver JSE
DECE: Justin Harper JSE
Jovana Spagnolo Remote FDK
Kristina Thiessen 1A
Ashley Moorhead 1B
Jennifer Aglor 1C
Kris McFarland 12A
Dawn Pyke 2A
Nicole L’Abbe 23A
Diana Coric 3A
Sabrina Balice 3B
Vandana Verma 34A
Janet Vegh 4A
Hayley Robinson 45A
Lisa Kobus 5A
Matthew Midgley 5B
Alyssa Clairmont 56A
Melissa Silvestri 56B
Tyler Aglor 6A
Monique Renaud 7B
Michelle West 7A
Rebekah Little 78A
Suzanne Caetano-Pavao 8A
Dave Wilkinson 8B
Karlee Terziev LRT
Lynda Southon LRT
Tanya Bye LRT
Jessica Bill Gr 5-8 French
Amber Juteau Gr 4-6 French
Meghan Eisenberg Gr 4-6 French + 2B + Gr. 2/3 Prep
Caroline Carrington Music Gr 1-6; Instrumental Music 7-8
Chris Hyk K-3 Phys. Ed, Dance and Health
Lindsay Rollo Library/Demonstrating Literacy FDK Prep
Victoria Serkus Primary Prep – Drama and Dance

Meet the Staff BBQ

On Thursday, Oct 6, Prince of Wales is hosting our Meet the Staff BBQ event. Starting at 3:00, hotdogs and drinks will be sold outside on the South Playground, and families can come inside to visit classrooms. At 4:00, classrooms will be closed and the BBQ will continue outside until 5:00 p.m. We look forward to seeing everyone! 

Updated on Tuesday, September 27, 2022.
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