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Welcome Back

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Welcome Back

September 1 2020

Hello Community

Welcome back to 2020-21.  It has certainly been a challenging startup for everyone.  We have been working hard these past few weeks and into the coming two weeks, to ensure that Prince of Wales is ready for a safe and welcoming return for students, staff and community of parents/caregivers/guardians.   Staff are involved in training this week and will continue to prepare the school for the return the following week.

School Plan Protocols

We will be posting the School Plan Protocols on Wednesday Sept. 2 2020.  All the return to school protocols you need to know for the return to school will be included.  There might be some questions after reading them please email princeofwales@hwdsb.on.ca and we will do our best to answer them.


Plenty of questions remain regarding registration both new to HWDSB and new to POW.   Please do not come to the school.  All registrations are completed remotely.  Please call the school 905-667-5870.  We are in the office 730 am-330 pm every work day.  You can also goto www.hwdsb.on.ca clicking the covid tab at the top, it has all the information there as well.  We will help get you started and direct you to where you need to go and do.

Courtesy Busing

As per HWDSB transportation protocols, we are not accepting any courtesy busing requests.

New Classes and Staffing

HWDSB has committed to lowering class sizes and providing online learning for those that have chosen it.  As such POW will be reorganizing to accommodate lower class size and to reflect the large number of families that choose online learning at this time.  During the week of Sept 8-11, we will complete this process.  As a result your child may not be in the same class that was known in June 2020.  We will contact you if something has changed.


If you have yet done so please logon to the parent portal and sign the attestation form if you child is returning to in-person schooling.  We can help if you cant login.  As per HWDSB protocol, students will not be able to start until that attestation is signed.

We know that the choices you had to make regarding your family and children were not easy.  Know that the choice you made was the right one for you and your family and we support you in it.

Take care all



Updated on Monday, August 31, 2020.
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