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Second Nutrition Break Food and Drink

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Second Nutrition Break Food and Drink

Hello Community,

We have been dealing with a significant problem of food and drink’s (garbage, individual salt and vinegar packets from KFC, chips and energy drinks from Big B ect) being brought back into the school after 2nd break.  Unfortunately, much of the garbage and mess is ending up on our hallway and classroom floors and washrooms.  We have spoken to the students numerous times about this and it is not getting any better.  It is not right that our custodians are using valuable classroom cleaning time to clean up excessive mess caused by students who thrown their garage on the floor.   It has been a school rule that food and drink from the break do not come into classes and should be consumed before returning.  In addition to this many students that do go out for lunch return late expecting to eat then.  This is taking away from a significant amount of instructional time.

As the majority of the mess is from outside sources we will no longer allow food and drink purchased on nutrition break back into the building.  If students chose to leave for the 40 min lunch break they must eat during that time and return by 1:10 pm.

Students will be made aware of this Feb 4 2020.  We will begin enforcing this on Wednesday Feb 5 2020.

Any questions can be directed to Mrs Panju or myself.

Thanks for your help in maintaining a clean healthy building for all students.



Updated on Monday, February 03, 2020.
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