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Orchard Park

Registration Information

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How to Register for Orchard Park Secondary School

Go to  https://www.hwdsb.on.ca/find/ and enter your current address.  The result will provide you with your designated secondary school of attendance.  Be sure to click on the appropriate school year. If you do not reside in Orchard Park’s catchment area: Please refer to the Out-of-Catchment-Procedure

If you reside in Orchard Park’s Catchment and are looking to Register for Grade 9 in September 2020 please follow this link:

Grade 8 Resources

Registration Process

  1. Download and complete the Orchard Park  Student-Registration-Form
  2. Collect copies of the documents listed below:
    • Proof of Residence (One of the following: Current Lease or Deed, Current Utility Bill, Agreement to Purchase or Property Tax Bill)
    • Proof of Age (Birth Certificate, Passport)
    • Most Recent Report Card
    • If Applicable:
      • Copy of I.E.P.
      • Copy of S.I.P
      • Copy of B.S.P.
      • Additional information required for Assessment Centre Applicants (Any Students coming from a Non-Ontario Ministry Accredited Schools)
      • Proof of Citizenship/ Landed Status/ VISA Payment, etc. processed by Assessment Centre.
  3. After you have collected and completed the above documentation contact Ms. Harris-Matheson 905-662-3838 (ext. 3704) in the Student Services Office.
Updated on Wednesday, February 03, 2021.
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