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Orchard Park


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Guidance Counsellors

Guidance Counsellors fill an important role at Orchard Park.  They help connect a student’s academic goals with resources and information to help them be attained.  As well, Guidance Counsellors support students through challenges around their social emotional well-being.  Each student can make an appointment with his or her guidance counsellor by filling out a pink request slip in the guidance office. Counsellors can help with academic, personal and social supports and act as a link to further resources in our school and community.

Guidance counsellors are organized by students last names. To book an appointment with your counselor, click on the link and select a day and time when they are open. The ALPHA breakdown is;

Student Last Names A – D, & M –  Mr. P. Vukosa ext. 317  pvukosa@hwdsb.on.ca

Student Last Names E – K , R & S –  Mr. S. Ferney ext. 321  seferney@hwdsb.on.ca

Student Last Names N-P & T –   Mr. D. Tchorz    ext. 314    dtchorz@hwdsb.on.ca

Student Last Names L, Q & U-Z –  Ms. K Ammendolia ext. 313    kammendo@hwdsb.on.ca

Community Involvement

All students must complete at least 40 hours of community involvement prior to graduation. This service benefits our community and provides students with invaluable skills and perspectives while helping others. Volunteer opportunities in our community are posted on the Volunteer Board in the guidance office, and can also be searched using Volunteer Hamilton’s database at https://volunteerhamilton.on.ca/

To Download a copy of the Community Service Sheet.

Grade 10 students in Careers Classes are having fun learning about themselves and their future!

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Updated on Monday, November 26, 2018.
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