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Virtual Opportunities

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Check this page regularly for an updated list of online extra-curricular programming and volunteer opportunities for OP students!

Student Council

Staff Advisors: Mr. Paul, Ms. Kopanka, and Mrs. Lewis
What we do: In addition to planning events that contribute to school spirit and community welfare, Student Council is the voice of the whole student body. We share student ideas, interests and concerns with the school wide community and the school board. Student council gives you the opportunity to build skills like leadership, communication, teamwork, organization and public speaking. Student council has traditionally run events like Grade 9 Orientation Day, Grade 9 Fun Day, Spirit Days, OP’s annual Christmas school and community food drive, dances, Winter Formal, Spring Prom, and Spring Fling.
How you can get involved: We meet on Teams every Wednesday at 2:08, to join the meeting email Mr. Paul (lpaul@hwdsb.on.ca) or DM our instagram page @orchardparksecondary.

SSHOPSS – Students and Staff Helping Orchard Park Students and Society

Staff Advisors: Ms. Boudreau
What we do: SSHOPSS is made up of a group of like minded students that want to make a difference in their community. These students plan and facilitate events to raise money and awareness for marginalized groups in society. Examples of our work include running food drives, fundraisers to purchase Christmas gifts for families in financial need, mental health awareness events, and cancer support initiatives. We’ve developed many community partnerships throughout our over 20 years of involvement. Some examples include: Winona Men’s Club, Stoney Creek Optimist Club, Cancer Society, Pennies For Peace, Children’s Aid Society, Community Living Association, McMaster Children’s Hospital Toy Drive, Food Share Hamilton, Wesley Urban Ministries, YMCA, and YWCA.
How you can get involved: send Ms. Boudreau and email (jboudreau@hwdsb.on.ca) if you’d like to join our upcoming Teams meetings.

Book Club

Staff Advisors: Ms. Boudreau and Ms. Grainger
What we do: Participate in reading and collaborating about the books chosen monthly by the Forest of Reading Program.
How you can get involved: email Ms. Grainger (tgrainge@hwdsb.on.ca).

Positive Space

Staff Advisors: Mr. Jansen, Ms. Fraser
What we do: Positive Space is a group for our LGBTQI 2S + students and their allies to get to know one another in an environment that’s fun and free of discrimination. Our group promotes diversity, inclusion, and visibility at school, while supporting each other to be the best versions of ourselves every day.
How you can get involved: The group will meet regularly based on student interest. Send an email to Mr. Jansen (jjansen@hwdsb.on.ca) if you’re interested in joining!

Team 2056 – OP Robotics

Staff Advisors: Mr. Hunter
What we do: We are a FIRST Robotics Team that competes yearly in designing, building, programming, and operating a 150lb robot that plays a “game.” The team also prepares award submissions, does outreach around STEM, gives back to the community, prepares marketing and fundraising, and connects with sponsors.
How you can get involved: Join us every Tuesday from 2:30-4:00 on Teams. Email Mr. Hunter (shunter@hwdsb.on.ca) or see the Hub announcements.

School Band (Senior, Junior and Stage)

Staff Advisors: Mrs. Young
What we do: Once extra-curricular activities resume, we will begin holding rehearsals for these ensembles. In the meantime, we are currently working on remote recordings as we did for Bare Necessities. If you want to check that out, use this link! Our current project is Jingle Bell Rock and we will soon begin working on our entry for this year’s CBC Canadian Music Class Challenge.
How you can get involved: email Mrs. Young (wyoung@hwdsb.on.ca).

Best Buddies

Staff Advisors: Ms. DiTiberio
What we do: The Best Buddies high school program brings together high school students with and without an Intellectual Developmental Disability in the hope that they will develop a lasting friendship. High school chapters are run by a Chapter Leadership Team which includes a staff member (Staff Advisor) as well as a few highly motivated/responsible students (Executive Members) who will plan and execute (virtual) group activities for the entire chapter to enjoy throughout the year. Participate in online games and activities with our OP peer mentors.
How you can get involved: email Ms. DiTiberio (tditiber@hwdsb.on.ca) to join!

Ability Online

Staff Advisors: Ms. DiTiberio
What we do: Ability Online is a social networking platform that connects youth with disabilities to each other and the world around them. Visit here for more information and application info. How you can get involved: email Ms. DiTiberio (tditiber@hwdsb.on.ca) to join!

Reach For The Top

Staff Advisors: Ms. Vander Vliet
What we do: Trivia! As a competitive trivia team, we compete against other schools in regional tournaments in hopes to move on to provincial (and even national) tournaments. The trivia ranges from questions about science, math, literature, history, and other school subjects, to questions about pop culture, film, television, and popular trends. There are question types for everyone! There is an intermediate team for Grades 9 and 10, and a senior team for Grades 11 and 12.
How you can get involved: email Ms. Vander Vliet (kvanderv@hwdsb.on.ca).

Coding Club

Staff Advisors: Ms. DiTiberio
What we do: Build your own app!
How you can get involved: Self-join the OP Coding Club by clicking here and start working through activities. Please email Ms. DiTiberio (tditiber@hwdsb.on.ca) if you have any suggestions/questions.

OP Speed Typing Club

Staff Advisors: Ms. DiTiberio
What we do: Learn to type fast!
How you can get involved: Self-join the OP Speed Typing Club by clicking here and start practicing for our upcoming Speed Typing contest! Please email Ms. DiTiberio (tditiber@hwdsb.on.ca) if you have any suggestions/questions.

Homework Club

Staff Advisors: Mrs. Zychowicz
What we do: Orchard Park students in grades 9 and 10 can sign up for online tutor help to assist with completing their course work in any subject. Tutor help is provided by a senior student who is strong in the subject area.
How you can get involved: Email Mrs. Zychowicz (azychowi@hwdsb.on.ca) for more information and to learn how you can join as a student or as a tutor.

Career Exploration Club

Staff Advisors: Mrs. Zychowicz
What we do: Collaborate with your peers on Careers and help plan, organize and run fun interactive online school events related to Career Exploration such as Career Day.
How you can get involved: Email Mrs. Zychowicz (azychowi@hwdsb.on.ca) to join!

Updated on Thursday, October 29, 2020.
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