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Orchard Park

Virtual Opportunities

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Check this page regularly for an updated list of online extra-curricular programming and volunteer opportunities for OP students!

Extra-curricular Opportunities

Best Buddies – The Orchard Park Best Buddies chapter is a friendship club between people with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities, offering social mentoring while promoting inclusion for all. Participate in online games and activities with our OP peer mentors. Email Ms. T. DiTiberio (tditiber@hwdsb.on.ca) to join!

Career Exploration Club – Join the virtual Career Exploration Club to collaborate with peers on discovering and exploring careers of interest and more! This Club is student-led and you will help plan school activities related to Careers such as OP’s Career Day! Email Mrs. A. Zychowicz (azychowi@hwdsb.on.ca) to join!

Coding Club – Build your own app! Self-join the OP Coding Club here: studio.code.org/join/VGTJSJ and start working through activities. Stay tuned for our first online meeting date. Please email Ms. T. DiTiberio (tditiber@hwdsb.on.ca)  if you have any suggestions/questions.

OP Speed Typing Club – Learn to type fast! Self-join the OP Speed Typing Club here: typing.com/join#5D90BB3FEA183 and start practicing for our upcoming Speed Typing contest! Please email Ms. T. DiTiberio (tditiber@hwdsb.on.ca)  if you have any suggestions/questions.

Community Involvement Opportunities

Ability Online – Ability Online is a social networking platform that connects youth with disabilities to each other and the world around them.  Visit abilityonline.org/volunteer-opportunities for more information and application info. Email Ms. T. DiTiberio (tditiber@hwdsb.on.ca) to join!

Best Buddies – Help promote inclusion. We need peer mentors to join the Orchard Park Best Buddies chapter and help us run virtual activities with our OP buddies. Please email Ms. T. DiTiberio (tditiber@hwdsb.on.ca) to get involved.

Volunteers Needed for Research – Get a taste for research! Earn volunteer hours for answering questions about your milk & milk alternatives consumption. View the research posting here: DFC Recruitment Poster. Email Carise c29thompson@uwaterloo.ca to participate.


Updated on Thursday, April 23, 2020.
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