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COVID-19 News

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NEW**(March 5, 2021)

My child has COVID – now what?

My Child Has COVID Symptoms

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Attention OP Students/Parents/Guardians:

**If your child is returning to school following illness or self-isolation, please complete the following form:

Attestation for return to school after illness OR self isolation




**Rotation 3 begins Wednesday November 11, 2020.  Please see Bell Schedule below:

OP Regular Bell Schedule ROTATION 3.docx

A few reminders:

  • If your child is returning to Face-to-Face learning for Block 1 (from previously being a Remote Learner), please be sure to complete the Student Attestation Form on the Parent Portal
  • Please also indicate whether your child will be going home OR staying at school after Block 1 to continue Remote Learning in the afternoon (Secondary Afternoon Learning Option), also on the Parent Portal
  • Based on the location of the student’s Block 1 classroom, their exit and entry door may change.
  • Student’s staying for lunch and/or afternoon study will need to check with their teachers for their assigned locations.
  • Student’s may enter the school before 7:45am if necessary.  Where possible, students are still encouraged to enter the school after 7:45am to promote and maintain social distancing.
  • If a student becomes symptomatic or fails the screening process, the parent/guardian must complete the Return to School/Childcare attestation form. This form can be completed on the Parent Portal under “Forms” as of Monday, November 2.If parents cannot access the Parent Portal, they can complete a paper copy. Here is the link to the form:

If you have any questions, please contact the school at 905-662-3838

Updated on Friday, March 05, 2021.
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