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Orchard Park

Special Class

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Orchard Park provides system support for students with special education needs in three areas – students who have been identified with autism, developmental disabilities, and students with a variety of needs who require more intensive support on a full-time basis than can be provided in a regular class setting. These classes, known as ASD, Comp, and DD, are staffed by Orchard Park teachers with special education qualifications.

Autism Self-Contained Class

Supporting students with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder, and significant needs in both
expressive and receptive communication skills. Programming is individualized, with a focus on
augmentative and alternative communication strategies to promote independence and sensory
regulation. (Maximum class size: 6)

Comprehensive Self-Contained Class

Supporting students with similar learning profiles with a focus on increasing learning skills, the use of
technology as compensatory tool and self-awareness as a learner. Opportunities for integration into
regular class programs may be provided, based on interest and capacity. Students at the secondary
level may be supported to receive credits from integration. (Maximum class size: 14)

Developmental Disability Self-Contained Class

Supports students with significant intellectual disabilities and alternative communication needs, with a
focus on significantly modified curriculum expectations and functional skill development. (Maximum class
size: 10)

(from 2019–2020 HWDSB Special Education Plan)

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Updated on Monday, February 22, 2021.
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