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Orchard Park

Special Class

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Orchard Park provides system support for students with special education needs in two areas – students who have been identified with Developmental disabilities, and students with a variety of needs who require more intensive support on a full-time basis than can be provided in a regular class setting. These classes, known as DD and Comp, are staffed by Orchard Park teachers with special education qualifications.

Comprehensive Class

The comprehensive classes in both the elementary and secondary panels are comprised of a maximum of 12 students and are staffed by 1 teacher with special education qualifications and a minimum of 0.5 Educational Assistant. Student profiles provide the detail that the teacher uses to create individualized and group instruction upon which assessment will be based. Students in each panel have opportunities for integration into regular class programs based upon their interests and ability to do so. Students at the secondary level may also be receiving credits from integration.

Students in the Secondary Comprehensive Classes meet the criteria for identification with either a Language Impairment, a Learning Disability, or a Mild Intellectual Delay.

Developmental Class

Students with developmental disabilities can be programmed for in a number of different environments within the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board, given the specific strengths and needs of the student. These include: Graduated Support, Extensive Support and Glenwood Special Day School.

Extensive support programs for secondary students are available in each of the three clusters. These classes are housed within regular composite secondary schools and best meet the needs of students requiring increased levels of academic and socialization support. Students in Extensive support programs frequently have additional needs in additional to developmental disabilities, such as physical disabilities, autism, or medical needs.

(from HWDSB Special Education Report and Next Steps, 2012-2013)

Updated on Friday, May 11, 2018.
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