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Position: Name:


Mrs. S. Dunn

Office Administrator:

Ms. Z. Milanovic

Learning Resource Primary

Ms. M. Kopac

Learning Resource Junior/Intermediate

Ms. M. Kopac

Teacher-Librarian/Primary Prep

Mrs. T. Gardner

French Gr. 3-5

Mme. A. Moore

French Gr. 6-8

Mme. L Prentice


Ms. Erskine, Ms. Foltarz Ms. DiGiovanni

Early Childhood Educators

Ms. Martin (LTO), Ms. C. Lachance

Primary Prep

Ms. K. Horton

Primary Physical Education

Mr. B. Constable

Grade 1

Ms. S. Perry

Grade 1/2

Ms. N. Weller

Grade 2

Mrs. K. Geroux

Grade 2/3

Mrs. J. Staples

Grade 3

Mrs. A. Spagnuolo

Grade 3/4

Mrs. J. Sirianni

Grade 4/5

Mr. H. Wensink

Grade 5

Ms. M. Chabot

Grade 5/ 6

Mrs. D. Guidotto

Grade 6/7

Mrs. K. Pickard

Grade 7

Mrs. C. Marchis

 Grade 7/8

 Ms. S. Brown

Grade 8

Ms. S. Solter

 Educational Assistants

 Mrs. Jaggard, Ms. Mason, Mrs. Sanchez (.50), Mrs. Tessaro

 Caretaking Staff

Mr. V. Benish

Ms. N. Meseljevic

Updated on Wednesday, September 11, 2019.
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