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Mary Hopkins

Goodbye 2019/2020 School Year

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Goodbye 2019/2020 School Year

Hello Families

It is with mixed emotions that we say good-bye to another school year.  We wish our departing students and families all the best next year as they move on to other schools and communities.  This is also a time to say goodbye to our departing staff who will be moving on to new assignments in fall.  Goodbye to Ms. McConnell, Mrs. Blackley, Mrs. Patterson, Mrs. Trinidade and Mrs. Hone. On behalf of the Mary Hopkins community, I would also like to welcome our new staff members, Mrs. Harrison, Mrs. Kay, Mrs. Manente, Mrs. Sharma and Mrs. Barnes.  For families who are interested, the 2020/2021 staff list is located at the end of this post.

ATTENTION ALL COURTESY AND SK RIDERS – Students are eligible for transportation if their in catchment school exceeds the following criteria. Kindergarten – 1.0km , Gr. 1-8 – 1.6 km. If you were a courtesy rider this year or SK student living more than 1km from the school,  you will need to (re)submit courtesy transportation forms in September.  As there is much unknown around the return to the school plan for September, it is important that you prepare by making alternate transportation arrangements. We understand that this may be an inconvenience, but schools need time to assure that all eligible riders have a safe seat on the bus before considering adding courtesy riders.

We will keep the community posted on the return to school plan as it evolves. We wish everyone a safe and happy summer.


2020/2021 Mary Hopkins Staff

Staff Member Grade
C. Stewart
A. Blazek
A. Allan-Kirk
J. Harrison
A. Black
K. Kavanaugh
L. Karoles
M. Sarakinis
R. Kivell
R. Manente
M. Winstanley Grade 1
M. Whitefield Grade 1/2
E. Piche Grade 1 FI
A. Bentham Grade 1 FI
A. Diggins Grade 2 FI
S. Payson Grade 2
G. Arruda Grade 2/3
B. Haunton Grade 2/3
G. Rodayan Grade 2/3 FI
M. Tripp Grade 3/4 FI
K. Kay Grade 3/4 FI
L. Royle Grade 3/4
J. Kennett Grade 4
K. Harrison Grade 4
G. LaPeare Grade 5
B. Kore Grade 5
S. Lisinski Library/Drama/Literacy/Core English
P. Widdup Phys. Ed
D. Chamber Music/Dance
L. Barnes Library/Drama/Literacy
C. Sharma Library/Drama/Literacy
J. Phillips Core English
M. Johnson Learning Resource Teacher
J. Hayes Reading Specialist
T. Yalchin Educational Assistant
TBD Educational Assistant
TBD Educational Assistant
M. Guitard Head Caretaker
M. Zrostek Office Assistant
T. Gunn Office Administrator
C. Buck Principal
P. Deathe Trustee
S. Dunlop Superintendent





Updated on Friday, June 26, 2020.
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