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University Applications for September 2020

University Applications 2020-2021

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Information for students applying to Ontario Universities

Guide to Researching Universities

University College visits

OUAC application website

Applying to International Universities

Resources for International Universities

The best best place to start looking for information is on the university’s own website. Most universities will have their updated information on their website. Contact information is also on university websites and most universities will respond to phone calls or email within 2 or 3 business days.

Looking for some resources?

  • EducationUSA  is an organization that helps Canadian students get information about attending U.S. universities.
  • Pierce Educational Consulting  produces materials to help graduates plan for university in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K..
  • NACAC  website provides numerous links to answer all questions regarding university in the US.
  • Globalinks  provides information on studying at universities abroad.
  • Ivy Global provides seminars and tutoring for students interested in applying to US universities.

The Common Application

The Common Application is used by over 800 American Universities.  This is a standard online application form that requires all students to submit academic information, extracurricular information, and teacher references.  Students may increase their chances of receiving an offer of admission by selecting “Early Decision” or Early Action” on their university choices.

Please read what this may mean if you have applied to MORE than one university choice in the U.S.  Universities may still require SAT or ACT scores, other related essays, reference letters, interviews, portfolios or auditions.  If a university is NOT a member of the Common Application, students must apply to the institution as directed by their website.

Admissions Testing for U.S. Universities

Some universities in the U.S. may require students to complete an SAT or an ACT test for admission or scholarship purposes.

NCAA Sports

All students intending to play sports at NCAA  Division I or Division II schools must register with the NCAA Clearinghouse.  Students must meet academic eligibility for these schools and write an SAT or ACT test as part of this process.  Sir Allan MacNab’s school code number is 941719.

  • NCAA Clearinghouse :  information on eligibility for Division I and II universities.
    • Academic eligibility requirements are found in the<Eligibility Rules Guide
    • Courses: Students must have completed all required courses for Division I or Division II schools to be eligible for admission (the CEEB code for Ontario schools is 998003).
    • More information regarding the NCAA is accessed through the NCAA high school information portal.
    • Ivy Global provides seminars on US college applications and on US athletic recruiting. They also have SAT Prep Programs available.  NCAA bound students and parents can attend a FREE seminar organized by IVY GLOBAL – Athletic Recruiting.  Topics will include an overview of the NCAA, pro-active recruiting process, athletic scholarships and more.
    • Berecruited is a website where you can create a profile for NCAA recruitment.
    • College Prospects of America assists student/athletes in attaining athletic scholarships.

U.K. Universities






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