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2021-2022 Course Options

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The Course Options Process for the 2021/2022 school year is now open for students.  We have moved from using Career Cruising to Xello.  All student information from Career Cruising should have been moved to this new platform. The Xello widget can be found on the HUB homepage.

Please see the resources below for more information about the course options process.  All options are due through Xello by Friday, February 26th. ** PLEASE NOTE: Students who have not submitted their course options in Xello by end of day FRIDAY MARCH 5th will have courses added by their guidance counsellor. To avoid having classes you don’t want next year, ensure that you submit your course options NO LATER than Friday March 5, 2021. 

From Monday, February 22nd to Friday, February 26th, Student Services will be hosting course options support during our Xello Support Week.  Use this link http://bit.ly/CourseOptionsSupport  to log into MSTeams at lunch or book an appointment with your Guidance Counsellor using this link https://cutt.ly/MacNab-GuidanceAppointments .  All appointments from booked between February 22nd-26th will be for Xello support.  If you need to reach a counsellor during this time for reasons other than course options support, please call the Student Services office at 905.383.3337 ext, 3664.

Course Options Sheet

Use this sheet as a guide in choosing your MacNab course options.

Course Offerings 2021-2022

Course Options Videos








Ontario Secondary School Scholar — Course Options Presentation PDF

If you are having difficulties deciding which courses to take, or need help with using Xello, book an appointment with your Guidance Counsellor use this link https://cutt.ly/MacNab-GuidanceAppointments .

For those wishing to return for a 5th year, please complete this form: SAM – Fifth Year Application Form and send it to Ms. Georgakopoulos at pgeorgak@hwdsb.on.ca

Updated on Tuesday, October 05, 2021.
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