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Lincoln Alexander

School Procedures

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Entry to/Exit from the School

Students are welcome to enter the building once the entry bell has rung. Classes re to line up at the back of the school in order to enter as a team. Late student arrivals should check in at the office. All visitors must sign in at the office, regardless of the length/purpose of their stay. Children are encouraged to develop their independence. For that reason, we ask parents to not escort their children through the school to the classrooms.

Attendance, Absences and Lates

Good school attendance and punctuality are important to maximize school achievement and are good habits to develop. The Ministry of Education sets out expectations for school attendance. Children of compulsory school age are required to attend every school day unless excused, but a child may be temporarily excused with the approval of the school principal on written request from the legal guardian. Parents must cause their child(ren) to attend school as required and provide the school reasons for absence. Students are responsible for all work missed due to absence. Homework will not be provided until day three of a child’s absence and can not be formally assessed. Family holidays during the school year are not encouraged.

Safe Arrival

Please call the school office before 8:20 a.m. if your child is going to be absent or late. The voice mail can take your message 24 hours a day. Please supply us with the student name(s), class(es) and reason for absence/lateness. if we have not been informed of an absence by a parent we must call work and home numbers to ensure that the student is safe. Student records will show all unexplained absence if a note is not received and we have been unable to contact parents. Late students must report to the office before going to class to have their attendance recorded.

It is the legislated responsibility of parents to:

  • Provide current telephone contacts such as: home phone number, work phone number of both parents, phone number of caregiver, and emergency contact numbers for our student information file.
  • Update the information during the school year.
  • Communicate with the school, prior to the start of school in the morning or afternoon, when the child will be absent or late for any reason.
  • Provide written permission for their child to leave the school during the day.
  • Inform the school when their child will be returning after an absence of more than one day.

Safe Departure

Please send authorization in writing if anyone other than the legal guardian is going to pick your child up from school. Also, please send written authorization if a child who usually takes the bus is going to be picked up. Unless we can confirm otherwise, it is our practice to send the child home on the bus as usual. Students may not have friends ride home on the bus with them unless the friend is a regular bus rider.

Early Leaving

Parents are to come to the office when picking students up early from school. Students are to meet their parents in the office ONLY. Early dismissal should be communicated to the teacher and sent to the office with the attendance check in the morning. Please note that it is not in the best interests of student learning to interrupt classrooms to deliver messages. This is particularly troublesome after 2:00 p.m. We ask that you do not require your child to make phone calls from the office regarding after school plans.


Lockers are provided for the convenience of students. We are giving our junior students (gr.4 -6) the option of purchasing locks for their lockers.  The office will be selling these in the fall for a nominal charge.  All combinations will be recorded by the homeroom teacher and a list will be provided to the office.  Lockers remain school property, and will be inspected as necessary to maintain a clean and safe school environment. In cases of suspected wrong doing, lockers and their contents may be searched using established procedures.  We still recommend that students not bring valuables to school (e.g. ipods, mp3 players).


Sometimes students bring special, fragile or expensive toys to school only to become disappointed when they are damaged or lost. The best prevention is to leave such items at home. We will try our best to help students locate missing belongings; however, the school cannot be responsible for damaged or lost items.

Lost and Found

We urge parents to clearly label all clothing items, lunch pails, boots and shoes that we can help locate their owners. We also recommend that parents regularly check the school lostt and found box for missing items. Small items, such as jewelry and watches, are kept at the office. Unclaimed contents of the lost and found will be donated periodically to charity.

Inclement Weather

Early morning radio announcements may indicate that buses are delayed or cancelled or that schools are closed. The following stations carry official messages regarding cancellations:

HWDSB Website: www.hwdsb.on.ca
Television: CHCH – Channel 11
FM Radio Stations: KLITE FM (102.9) FM Y108 (107.9 FM)
AM Radio Stations: CHAM (820 AM) CHML (900 AM)
Oldies 1150 (1150 AM) CKPC (1380 AM)

Your child’s safety is our first priority. In cases of extreme weather, please be sure that someone is at school to receive your children before sending them or dropping them off. Please ensure that the school office has correct information on where to send your child in case of early school dismissal if you do not want the child to be bused or walk home as usual.


Students are provided with suitable quarters to eat at school. All students will stay on school grounds during the first Nutrition Break. We will be working with School Council to ensure our school follows the approved HWDSB nutrition policy.

During the second Nutrition Break all students will stay at school except:

  • students who have brought a note from their parents stating that they will be going home for lunch every day and who must leave school property from 12:40 to 1:20p.m. every day, unless participating in a school activity.

For reasons of liability, students will not be allowed to leave school grounds at Break except as noted above.

Updated on Monday, March 05, 2018.
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