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Lincoln Alexander

Health and Safety

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PlayStructure Safety

Life Threatening Allergies

We  have several students with life threatening allergic reactions to nuts. The safety of all our students is very important to us, so Lincoln M. Alexander is a peanut safe school. If touched or eaten, foods containing even a small amount of nuts may be life threatening to those students with allergies. We ask that parents not send food containing peanut or nut products in their child’s lunches.


School buildings and property are smoke free 24 hours/day. Smoking on school property is illegal and will be dealt with promptly and effectively.

Adults in the School

It is the policy of Hamilton Wentworth District School Board that all visitors (persons neither staff nor students) check in with the office before entering the school. Parents and others entering Lincoln Alexander School will be required to sign IN and OUT at the office and receive an identification badge before entering any other part of the building. Any adult not wearing an identification tag in the building will be stopped and escorted to the office. This policy is in place to protect your children and will be enforced.

Updated on Monday, March 05, 2018.
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