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Return to In-Person Learning

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Return to In-Person Learning

Dear Janet Lee Families,

Students are able to return to in-person learning on Monday January 17, 2022 and staff having been preparing for a safe return. This post will have several pieces of information and more details are available on the HWDSB COVID-19 website.

Elementary Device Return

Please return any borrowed iPads, charging cubes and cables on Monday with your child. Thank you very much.


Student Masks

A reminder to please send your child to school with a mask. The school will provide 3-ply cloth masks to students who need them. Everyone who has not completed a mask exemption is expected to wear a mask while on school property. Thank you.


School Access

Schools have been asked to restrict access. Should you need to be inside the school, please buzz the office from the front door, hand sanitize and proceed to the office. There are adult visitor masks by the front door for those that need them. Please do not enter the school if you are unable to pass the COVID-19 screener.


Student Daily Screening

Students are required to screen daily prior to coming to school. Please click Student Daily Screener. If your child passes the screener pleas indicate this in their Daily COVID-19 Student Screening Verification Calendar. Extra copies are available in the office. Schools have been asked to verify this screening, so families should expect a phone every day that this screening calendar is not signed. Thank you for your support in helping to keep everyone safe at Janet Lee School.


Child Symptomatic Decision Guides

Staff and families can also refer to the 1.11B – Decision Guide Symptomatic Child Home and 1.12B – Decision Guide Symptomatic Child School

to work through next steps if they have symptoms of COVID-19.



Elementary cohorting in classes and at recess continues. Students will not congregate with students from other classes.


Short-Term Virtual Learning for Students in Regular Class

There may be parents who don’t wish to send students to school for in person learning yet aren’t interested in a transfer to remote learning until June. The Ministry of Education has directed school board to provide a short-term virtual learning option for those parents who may be interested. This program is intended to be flexible so families can return to in-person learning as soon as possible. For example, a parent may wish to keep their students home next week to monitor the situation. This option allows for a temporary excusal from school with supported learning. Thank you for your patience as more information will be communicated soon.


Updated on Friday, January 14, 2022.
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