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Students Please Remember . . .

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Students Please Remember

  1. Respect and treat others as you would like to be treated and respected.
  2. Verbal and physical harassment are unacceptable.   Bullying of any kind is not okay at Highview.   Bystanders are expected to be part of a solution.
  3. Be respectful of all people and property in the school’s community:
    • place garbage in proper containers
    • do not deface or damage property
    • snow stays on the ground
    • stay within school boundaries
    • display responsible citizenship
    • no swearing
  4. Play co-operatively indoors and on the playground in a safe and responsible manner.
  5. Seek teacher assistance to resolve conflicts peacefully.
  6. Keep all your gum at home.
  7. Stay seated and eat your lunch quietly. For indoor lunch recess, any use of media resources must be teacher approved.
    • If you go out for lunch, you must bring a signed note from a parent or guardian.
  8. Walk in a safe and orderly manner in the hallways.
    1. Please walk your bikes on school property.
    2. Roller blades, roller shoes (heelies), skateboards, and scooters are to be left at home.
    3. Laser pointers and finger boards are to be left at home.
  9. No weapons of any sort, including imitation or toys are to be on school property.
  10. No use of any object to threaten or intimidate another person.
  11. No school members are to be in possession of and/or under the influence of, alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs.
  12. Teacher approved, curriculum related, supervised use, of media resources including computers, video use, CD’s etc.

Dress Code

The Dress Code has been developed in consultation with staff, students and parents.   It is the responsibility of students to dress in a neat, clean, safe and sensible manner suitable to the school environment.


While each case will be evaluated individually, parents and students should consider the following clothing as inappropriate for regular school classes:
  • bandanas and long chains
  • large-holed mesh shirts
  • tube tops, male/female tank tops + low cut armholes, halter tops, one-shouldered shirts and shoulder straps that tie
  • short-shorts, short skirts (no shorter than finger tips can reach)
  • pajamas, pajama bottoms
  • cut-off jeans with ragged ends
  • clothing bearing offensive or suggestive pictures or language which promotes violence
  • spandex-style shorts may be worn with an appropriate length top
  • tops should be touching pants or skirts, no exposed midriffs!
  • underwear must not be visible
* at the discretion of staff, school T-shirts may be required to be worn until clothing can be changed.


  • Suitable indoor footwear should be worn at all times during the school day.
  • Do not wear “heelies” to school


  • Headgear (baseball caps, du-rags/wave caps) must be removed upon entering school  religious garments excepted.
  • Jackets and outerwear will be left in lockers or on coat hooks.

Physical Education Attire

  • It is a requirement for students to have a change of clothing for physical education in order to participate in this class.
  • Appropriate attire includes non-marking running shoes, t-shirts, and shorts (sweat pants are acceptable).
  • For safety reasons, jewelry must be removed.
  • Sweatbands are only appropriate to be worn during Gym.   
  • DPA (daily physical activity): Please keep a pair of runners at school for Daily Physical Activity sessions
Updated on Wednesday, April 25, 2018.
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