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Helen Detwiler September 2022 Updates & Reminders

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Helen Detwiler September 2022 Updates & Reminders

Nutrition Program
We are happy to announce that our nutrition program will be starting up on Monday, September 12th! Every class will be provided with a bin every morning containing a variety of snacks (fresh fruit, yogurt, crackers, muffins, cereal, granola bars, etc). Thank you to our nutrition program volunteers for this important service they provide our students.
Prayer Room
This year, in an effort to continue supporting our Helen Detwiler community, we have a dedicated a space for faith-based prayer in our school.  

Students observing prayer are invited to inform their teacher that they are leaving and make their way down to the prayer room. Some conversation could be had about selecting the best possible times for this to happen (eg: independent work times – nutrition breaks). The room does have carpeting, however, if students wish to bring a prayer mat, they are welcome to do this as well.

For more information, please contact the school.

Volunteering at Helen Detwiler

Volunteers play a very important role in our schools. Our volunteers help enrich our students’ educational experiences and bridge the gap between schools and our community. All volunteers in HWDSB schools MUST provide a new Vulnerable Sector Screening every three years. Volunteers must also sign a current offence declaration each year, in between Vulnerable Sector Screening updates. If there is a break in volunteer service greater than one school year, a new Vulnerable Sector Screening must be completed. We want everyone at HWDSB to be safe in our buildings and the updated Vulnerable Sector Screening is one way we can protect our students. For more information about volunteering, click on the following link: Volunteering | Helen Detwiler Elementary School (hwdsb.on.ca)

Visitor Parking and Pick Up/Drop Off area

Now that school is back in session, we have observed an increase in traffic during pick up and drop off times. We must always consider the safety of our children first.  Here are a few reminders:

  1. No drop off / pick up is to take place in the Helen Detwiler staff parking lot (closest parking lot to St. Marguerite) unless you have an accessible parking pass.
  2. Kiss & Ride – The Kiss & Ride area is only for quick drop off / pick up only.  No one should be parking in the Kiss & Ride area.  Drivers should NOT leave their vehicle for any purpose.
  3. Kiss & Ride – There should be NO double parking/dropping off in the Kiss & Ride.  Please ensure that children are only exiting the vehicle when you are stopped at the curb.  DO NOT let children cross into oncoming/moving traffic within the Kiss & Ride area.
  4. While in the Kiss & Ride, please ensure your children are getting out of the vehicle from the passenger side ONLY.
  5. If you are planning on parking at Helen Detwiler, please use the available parking lot that is closest to the soccer field and/or finding a spot on the local side streets.  Please be mindful of all municipal parking by-laws.
Updated on Friday, September 09, 2022.
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