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Helen Detwiler

Home Quads, Student Attestation and iPad Returns

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Home Quads, Student Attestation and iPad Returns

Hello Helen Detwiler Community,

We look forward to welcoming those who are returning to in-person learning, and those that are in our Grade 1 and 6 Remote Classes, tomorrow!  Our school day begins at 8:35am and ends at 2:55pm.  We look forward to welcoming our Kindergarten students on Thursday, September 9th.

Families can begin to drop off their children after 8:20am.  If you are driving to Helen Detwiler, please remember to park in the designated parking area just off of Brigade Drive near the basketball courts.  Please do not park in the Kiss and Ride area.  If you are parking on the street, please be mindful of all city by-laws and follow the parking rules as outlined by the City of Hamilton.  Our staff parking lot is closed to all visitors and is not to be used for drop off or pickup.

Similar to last year, we will be using Home Quads.  The Home Quads are a little different this year.  Below, you can see where your children will line up in the morning, as well as where they will be dismissed.

Helen Detwiler Home Quads (For Families)

Student Attestation Form

Please remember to have completed a Return to School Attestation form, which can be found in the Parent Portal prior to coming to school.  This form only needs to be completed once; however, the COVID-19 Daily Screener must be completed each day.  If you are unable to access the Return to School Attestation form, please buzz the main office tomorrow morning and a paper copy can be provided to you for completion.

iPad Returns

If you borrowed an iPad to support Remote Learning over the summer or you did not return your iPad in June, please bring your iPad with you on the first day of school.  We kindly ask that all cables and charging blocks are returned with the iPad.  Please label the iPads with the name of the student who borrowed them.  This will ensure that the return is recorded correctly in the system.

As always, we look forward to a wonderful school year ahead.  Please do not hesitate to reach out at any time.

Stay well,

Mr. Azzopardi and Mrs. Harvey

Updated on Tuesday, September 07, 2021.
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