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Staff Member email Assignment
Ms. Green sdgreen@hwdsb.on.ca ECE
Mr. Duggan cduggan@hwdsb.on.ca FDK
Ms. Hannon-Hupe jhannonh@hwdsb.on.ca FDK
Mrs. McLean rmclean@hwdsb.on.ca FDK
Mrs. Slemko dslemko@hwdsb.on.ca Early Childhood Educator
Mrs. O’Connell moconnel@hwdsb.on.ca 1A
Mrs. Rozon arozon@hwdsb.on.ca 2/3A
Mr. de Lottinville -PM jdelotti@hwdsb.on.ca 4A
Mrs. Beaudoin -AM tbeaudoi@hwdsb.on.ca 4A
Mr. Bader sbader@hwdsb.on.ca 5A
Mrs. Hawkins shawkins@hwdsb.on.ca 6A
Mrs. Hall thall@hwdsb.on.ca 3A
Mrs. Kosempel ekosempe@hwdsb.on.ca 7A
Mr. Feudo afeudo@hwdsb.on.ca 6/7A
Mrs. Kolios dkolios@hwdsb.on.ca 7/8A
Mr. Adamczyk kadamczy@hwdsb.on.ca 8A
Mr. McAllister mjmcalli@hwdsb.on.ca 8B
Mrs Phillips juphilli@hwdsb.on.ca 6/7 Remote
Mrs. Andersson canderss@hwdsb.on.ca French 6-8
Ms. Swzeczyk sjmcphai@hwdsb.on.ca French 4-5
Ms. Sanders tsanders@hwdsb.on.ca Music, Drama, Dance
Ms. Bailey rbailey@hwdsb.on.ca FDK prep release
Mrs. Johnson njohnson@hwdsb.on.ca 1A
Mrs. Lessard mlessard@hwdsb.on.ca Learning Resource Teacher
Ms. Lyn llyn@hwdsb.on.ca Educational Assistant
Ms. Valenta kvalenta@hwdsb.on.ca Educational Assistant
Mrs. R. Kott rkott@hwdsb.on.ca Educational Assistant
Ms. Asma lasma@hwdsb.on.ca French/ prep for 6/7 Remote
Mrs.Risidore kquarin@hwdsb.on.ca Educational Assistants
Mr.Jones tjones@hwdsb.on.ca Head Caretaker
Mr. Robles jrobles@hwdsb.on.ca Assistant Caretaker
Mr. Fairhall rfairhal@hwdsb.on.ca Educational Assistant
Mrs. J. Taugher jtaugher@hwdsb.on.ca Office Administrator
Ms. J. Miscas jmiscas@hwdsb.on.ca Principal


Updated on Thursday, June 09, 2022.
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