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Glen Echo

School Reopening Plan

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HWDSB Protocol and Requirements

School Routines and Expectations

Student Registration

All student registration will be virtual.

Parents/Guardians may contact the main office at (905) 560-6630] or email at glenecho@hwdsb.on.ca

School Bell Times & Revised Elementary Staggered Entry

8:45 a.m. – 3:05 p.m.

Monday September 8

Tuesday September 9 Wednesday September 10 Thursday September 11

Friday September 12

Labour Day Holiday Staff Transition to New Assignments Staff Transition to New Assignments Students that Require Special Education Supports / Supports with Transitions and Mental Health


Junior Kindergarten Orientation

Students that Require Special Education Supports / Supports with Transitions and Mental Health


Junior Kindergarten Orientation

Monday September 15

Tuesday September 16 Wednesday
September 17
September 18

September 19

Group A Last Name Alpha

A to K

(approximately ½ class)

Group A Last Name Alpha

L to Z

(approximately ½ class)

All Students Return to School

(Full Classes)

All  Students (Full Classes) All Students (Full Classes)

Attestation & Student Screening

Parents must complete the Attestation for children online before entry to school will be permitted. Complete the HWDSB COVID-19 Student Screening Checklist electronically on the Parent Portal daily before arriving at school.

Parent Access to School

Access into the school will be very limited for parents, volunteers and visitors. Contact the main office if you need to speak with your child’s teacher and we’ll have that staff member reach out to you.

Forgotten items (e.g., prescription medication, lunch, assignments, clothing): Students will be called down to meet their parent/guardian outside or at the main entrance to retrieve their item.

Parent Communication with School

Continue to communicate with teachers and the principal through phone, email or on virtual platforms if set-up. Please check the Parent Portal for regular updates. Contact the school at (905) 560-6630 to leave a message for your teacher, Mrs. Blunsdon in Learning Resource or Mr. Tadeson.

Bus loading and unloading

School buses will unload and load in the Bus Loading Zone designated by signs at the front of the School on Glen Echo Drive. Bus schedules, which will be shared with families early next week of September 8, are subject to change as boards receive new information from families who have opted out of transportation and indicated remote, virtual/online learning. Parents and guardians can access their child/ren’s bus route information through the HWSTS Parent Portal on Tuesday, September 8, 2020. Families are asked to check the HWSTS Parent Portal frequently and before the first bus pick‐up to ensure the most up‐to‐date times. Masks are encouraged outside at bus times when physical distance can’t occur.

School Parking Lot


Students not riding the bus are encouraged to be active and walk to school on a daily basis. Bikes, scooters or skateboards are not permitted on school property and should not be brought to school. Walking to school reduces the amount of traffic at the start/end of the day and makes it safer for all in our community.
Parents driving their children to school are encouraged to stop on Rainbow Drive to drop off children and let them walk across the community Park to the school playground area. Stopping for a brief time (2 minutes) is permitted in ‘No Parking Zones’ during arrival and departure times, but stopping in the ‘No Stopping Zone’ on Glen Echo Drive is never permitted and offenders will be ticketed by Bylaw officers on a regular basis.

Entry and Exit for Students

Parents are asked to drop their children off on the back playground in the designated area. When students/parents enter and leave blacktop they are expected to socially distance and follow entrance and exit lanes as explained by teachers. When students enter the school yard, they are to proceed directly to their designated class location and line up and stand on a red marking for social distancing in the Painted Rectangle with their Room # on the Blacktop.
Students/parents must physically distance (2m) from other families/staff while on school property. When entering and leaving blacktop area parents are to use designated travel lanes to avoid other children standing in lines.
Adults must wear face coverings while on school property.
At the end of the day, students in K – Gr. 3 will be dismissed directly to parents from their outdoor designated class location. We will stagger dismissal with classrooms leaving school one at time in an orderly fashion with teacher. Upon dismissal, families must leave school property in a timely fashion.

Students Arriving Late

When children arrive at school late, they will be directed to go to their class and teacher will update attendance.

Movement Around the School

Students will remain with their class cohort throughout the day.
Students will stay in their classrooms throughout the day unless participating in outdoor or gym activities. Some students that require specialized support may routinely move to another area in the school to receive assistance from support staff.
Subject specific teachers will travel to classes to provide instruction.
When moving about the school, students/classes will walk on the right side of the hall, maintaining physical distancing.

Student Belongings

Locker / cubby use will be scheduled and/or spaced to ensure physical distancing. Students will keep work materials at their desks or designated work area.

Class Set Up

A sink or hand sanitizer is available in all classrooms. All classrooms have ready access to a sink for handwashing. Each student is assigned a work-space area that ensures distancing from others. All desks will face one direction in each class. Table work areas will have plexi-glass dividers. All required work materials are located at student’s workspace and are not to be shared with other students. There will be minimized use of shared materials. These must be cleaned before use by another student.


All FDK students report to the KGN fenced area upon arrival. The pen is separated into two areas, one class will go directly to their classroom. Snacks, Lunch and Nutrition Breaks may occur outside of regular school breaks based upon needs of class. Children will eat in a consistent specified location in the class. Children will have designated table and floor work areas. Cleaning will occur as students move from one work/play area to another. Students will have their own mat provided by school. Outdoor play will be regularly encouraged and scheduled by educators to maximize social distancing and support cohort isolation.

PE, Music, Learning Commons

Physical Education (PE)
Where possible, PE will take place outdoors.
Classes may be held in the gym with cleaning of high touchpoints between classes. There is no sharing of equipment between class cohorts.
Singing takes place outdoors only. Recorders will not be taught in first term.
Learning Commons
Learning Commons is not used by classes/students (no book exchange). Arrangements have been made that will allow cohorts to take books home from a bin that will be designated for that classroom.

Nutrition Breaks

Recesses/Nutrition Breaks will be Staggered. Primary Hall Classrooms (Rm 4, 8, 9) will have recess first. Junior Hall classrooms (Rm 10, 11, 14) will eat first. After 20 minutes, classes switch. Students eat in their classrooms at their work space area. No sharing of food or beverages.
Each class has a designated outdoor play area separated by 2 m.
Students clean hands before lunch and when they return from recess. Outdoor play spaces have been marked with spray paint on grass. Students will carry masks with them at all times but may remove masks during outdoor play.

Washroom Use

Students will use washrooms in the hallways of their classrooms.
Regular Cohort Washroom breaks will be scheduled and monitored by teachers during instructional time. Individual washroom breaks will be permitted as well (outside of the Cohort Breaks).
An Occupancy limit of 3 students will be posted outside washrooms. Markings are on floor outside washrooms for physical distancing of students awaiting entry.
Students maintain physical distancing while in washrooms.
Urinals and stalls will have every other one marked off for non-use.
Students may use hand dryers or paper towels.

Hydration Stations

Water fountains have been closed. Students may use our Hydration Station to fill their water bottle. Markings are on floor to ensure physical distancing in line-up.
It is best practice for students to bring a filled water bottle from home each morning. Water bottles can be kept in work areas or lockers during day but will be taken home for cleaning each night.

Clubs &

Clubs and extra-curriculars may only take place with the principal or a teacher directly connected with a class cohort.
Cohorts will not be combined for extra-curriculars.
No outside program providers will come in to schools.

Nutrition Programs

All Nutrition Programs are ‘Grab and Go’. Food is delivered in bins to each classroom. Milk and Food sales have been suspended at this time.

Ill or Injured Students

Ill or injured students will wait in a separate supervised location. The school office will contact parents immediately to come to the school for pick up.

Mask Rules

All students must wear a non-medical mask or face covering on school buses and in the school. All parents, guardians, caregivers must wear a non-medical mask while on school property. Contact Mr. Tadeson if you have any concerns about your child wearing a mask/face covering.


Updated on Tuesday, September 08, 2020.
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