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Family Studies

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Family Studies at Glendale focuses on skills that students can carry on throughout life.

Our focus on healthy nutrition and life choices gives students opportunity to create tasteful and creative meals in our fully equipped kitchens. Our Take a Baby Home program offers students the chance to ‘parent’ a doll-child for a weekend and get an in-depth experience that teaches them more than any textbook. Extended teaching in our Parenting course and Living and Working with Children course helps teens develop life-long skills that have both personal and career applications.

Meet our Teachers:

Ms. Alice Lewis Ext. 539 (alewis@hwdsb.on.ca)
Ms. Michelle Castellani Ext. 513 (mecastel@hwdsb.on.ca)
Ms. Breanne Callan Ext. 511 (bcallan@hwdsb.on.ca)

Courses offered:

Grade 9

HIF1O – Individual and Family Living

Grade 10

HFN2O – Food and Nutrition

Grade 11

HPC3O – Parenting
HWP3C – Living and Working with Children

HSP3C/3U – Introduction to Sociology, Anthropology and Psychology

Grade 12

HFA4C/4U – Food and Nutrition Sciences
HHS4C/4U – Individuals and Families in Society

HPD4C – Working with School Aged Children

HSB4U – Challenge and Change


Updated on Tuesday, May 14, 2019.
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