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Extracurricular Activities/Sports

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2019-2020 Extra-Curricular Activities & Sports at Gatestone

Sport/Activity Current Coach(s)/Supervisor(s)
Time Frame
Basketball, Sr. Boys D. Lane Jan-March
Basketball, Jr. Boys  A. Macnab Jan-March
Basketball, Sr. Girls D. Lane Jan-March
Basketball, Jr. Girls D. Lane Spring
3-Pitch Sr. Boys J. Lamarre Fall
3-Pitch Jr. Boys J. Lamarre Fall
3-Pitch Sr. Girls
3-Pitch Jr. Girls
Volleyball Sr Boys A. MacNab Sept-Nov
Volleyball Jr Boys A. Macnab
Volleyball Sr Girls D. Murray Sept-Nov
Volleyball Jr Girls
Soccer Sr Boys C. Nash/A. MacNab Spring
Soccer Jr Boys Spring
Soccer Sr Girls C. Nash/ A. MacNab Spring
Soccer Jr Girls Spring
Cricket J. Lamarre
Track and Field D. Lane, A. MacNab, C. Nash Spring May/June
Cross Country D. Lane Fall
Ultimate Frisbee J. Lamarre Spring
Running Club D. Lane Fall
Student Action L. Lamarre, A. Flis All Year
Drama Club S. Graham December
Yearbook L. Lamarre All Year
Intramural Sports All Year
Gatestone Athletic Leadership Club
Oral Communication Festival L. Dunstall, M. Moore February
Direction Team & Positive School Climate J. Lamarre, M. Barber, K. Benedict, A. Verbeek, L. Dunstall
Terry Fox C. Nash, D. MacNab Fall
Updated on Wednesday, August 07, 2019.
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