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Frank Panabaker


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Frank Panabaker School is an exciting place to learn and grow and offers many engaging and rewarding experiences for all.

Staying connected is key!

Here are some tips:

  • Check this website frequently, especially the events calendar for important dates.
  • Refer to the student section of this website regularly
  • Follow us on twitter at  for messages, information & reminders
  • Check teacher blogs regularly & e-mail them as needed
  • Listen carefully to announcements and check the foyer screen as well
  • Unsure?  Ask a staff member.  We are here to help always!

There are many ways to become involved here at FP:

Unfortunately, due to Covid19, all extracurricular activities are placed on hold at this time.

  • activities & clubs
  • intramurals
  • events, dances, assemblies
  • sports teams and more!
Updated on Sunday, September 13, 2020.
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