Student Support

Student Support Grants

Student Support Grants are there to help those students who are facing extraordinary or emergency financial obstacles during their education journey.

A lack of resources means some students struggle to have the same learning environment as their peers. They often cannot take advantage of the extra-curricular, music lessons, sporting groups, co-operative programming opportunities and clubs. And as a result these students miss out on the developmental benefits these experiences provide.

Student Support Grants have provided:

  • Leila, a shy young girl with 5 younger siblings who lives downtown, with a taxi subsidy so that she has safe and reliable transportation to the “Chilled Anxiety” group offered at the HWDSB Education Centre.
  • Kyla, whose parents have limited resources, to join her classmates on the end of school year trip to Medieval Times
  • Yousef, a Syrian refugee whose family arrived with very few possessions, with a winter coat, snow pants, hat, mitts and boots so that he can stay warm and active outside during the winter months


The Foundation works closely with principals, vice-principals, teachers and school staff to identify students for support in areas of:

  • Food or groceries at school
  • Clothing and footwear
  • Dental, medical
  • School activities that bear a cost
  • Field trips
  • Basic school supplies outside of the responsibility of the school
  • Transportation in certain circumstances
  • Post-secondary application assistance

Families wishing to learn more about our support should make contact with school staff.

If you are an HWDSB staff member who would like to apply for a Student Support Grant on behalf of one of your students, please contact the Foundation at 905-527-5092 ext 2103 or


Find out how to donate:  Student Barriers