School Support

School Support Fund

School Support grants are intended to encourage the development of unique and creative educational experiences that allow schools to enrich student achievement.

HWDSB schools have the opportunity to apply for a grant in the amount of a maximum of $1,000 twice per school year (October and February) to support the costs related to a project, including product, supplies, services or curriculum delivery. Projects should have a direct and measurable impact on HWDSB students.

School Support Grants cannot be used for: Playground structures; computer technology; paying for staff or supply; gifts, prizes or honorariums; improvements, installations or renovations to the physical plant of the school such as water filling stations, construction or anything of a permanent nature; fundraising initiatives unless funds will be directed back to the Student Barrier Fund.

The 2019 Winter Grant Cycle is currently accepting applications. 

Deadline to submit is 4:00 p.m. on March 20, 2019

If you are an HWDSB staff member who would like to apply for a School Support Grant on behalf of your school, please contact the Foundation at 905-527-5092 ext 2103 or

Grants to Schools

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