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Flamborough Centre


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Flamborough Centre Staff


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Name Assignment
Mrs.  C. Harris Educational Assistant
Ms. V. Keith Educational Assistant
Mrs. J. Redgers & Ms. M. Ross

 Kindergarten (Year 1 & 2)

 Miss A. Armstrong
Grade 1/2
Mr. R. Bhaduri

Grade 3/4

Ms. K. Adams (Miss S. Johnston-LTO)Mr. R. Bhaduri Grade 5/6
Mrs. R. Giammichele

Grade 6A/67A Language, French & Drama,

Grade 67A & 6A Math

Mr. E. Hakenberg
7A Language/Math, Gr. 7-8 Arts
Mr. E. Gourlay 7B Language/Math, Gr. 7-8 History & Geography
Mr. J. MacLean Gr. 6A, 7 and 8 Science, PE&Health
Mr . D. Siertsema
78A  and 8A Language, Math
Mr. S. Ruttan Music Grades Gr. 6-8 (Days 1, 2, 3)
Mme.R. Kerr (Mlle V. Deenen-LTO) Gr. 4-8 French
Mrs. J. Said Lib/Primary Prep.
Miss J. Sleep (Ms. Robb-LTO) Lib/Primary Prep.
Ms. H. Millington Learning Resource Teacher
Mrs. T. Leece Office Administrator
Mr. R. Cameron Head Caretaker
Mr. B. Maunder Afternoon Caretaker
Mr. E. Roberts Afternoon Caretaker
Mr. M. Hopkins Principal


Updated on Sunday, September 13, 2020.
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