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Earl Kitchener


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Chief student recyclers D. H. and J. P.

We have had a recycling programme at Earl Kitchener for many years. There is a recycling box in every classroom as well as in other locations around the school such as beside the photocopiers and in the staff room. These boxes are for paper, plastic and metal (e.g. pop cans), but for safety reasons we do not collect glass.

This year’s staff co-ordinator is Mme Kohler. Twice a week, student recycling volunteers in Grade4 and Grade 5 collect the material from every recycling box in the school. They place it plastic bags and leave it near one of the doors for the caretakers. The caretakers take it outside and deposit it in a large dumpster reserved for recyclables.

Our student recyclers are going to do a fantastic job this year and we’d like to thank them, their homeroom teachers, and the caretaking staff for their commitment and reliability. Well done, Eagles!


Student recyclers on their weekly rounds.



Updated on Thursday, May 15, 2014.
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