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Earl Kitchener

Bell Schedule

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Balanced Day
As of September 2008, Earl Kitchener is using a “Balanced Day” schedule. One of the biggest differences between the balanced day and the traditional school day is that the balanced day has two forty-minute breaks instead of a traditional lunch hour. Half of each forty-minute break is a “nutrition break” while the other half is devoted to recess activities.

Bell Time Event
8:50 Entry
10:30 First break
11:10 Instruction resumes
12:50 Second break
1:30 Instruction resumes
3:10 Dismissal

Each of the three segments of the day (after entry, after first break, after second break) is divided into three instructional periods—the first of these is forty minutes long and the remaining two are thirty minutes each.

Kindergarten Schedule
Kindergarten classes are “half-day every day” and operate on a modified schedule.

Bell Time Event
8:50 Entry
11:20 Dismissal
12:35 Entry
3:05 Dismissal


Updated on Thursday, May 15, 2014.
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