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HWDSB Building
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Address: 310 Governor's Road Dundas, Ontario L9H5P8 Directions

Phone: 905-628-2203 | Fax: 905-627-2904 | School Email: dundasvalley@hwdsb.on.ca

Mailing Address: Dundas Valley, P.O. Box 2558, Hamilton, Ontario, L8N 3L1

School Email: dundasvalley@hwdsb.on.ca

Principal: Brian Lennox

Vice-Principal(s): Scott Barr, Chuck Balazs

Jane Macpherson - 905.527.5092 x 2626 | E-mail

Paul Tut - 905.515.2473 | E-mail

The school only keeps transcripts and mark information for one year after a graduation. Students who have graduated more than one year previously need to contact the Student Records Department of the HWDSB https://www.hwdsb.on.ca/schools/student-records/

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