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Staffing Changes at Dundana 2022 2023

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Staffing Changes at Dundana 2022 2023

The end of June is always bittersweet in schools.  We love to celebrate the success and completion of another school year for students, but it is also a time that we say goodbye to our Grade 5 students, families that are moving out of our area, and staff who are moving on to other positions.

If your child will be leaving Dundana, I hope you and your family will have fond memories of your time in the Dundana community.

As well, here is a list of the staff that will also be leaving Dundana at the end of this month.

Mrs. Bentley – Office Administrator

M. Bohaychuk – French Immersion Grade 3 Teacher

Mrs. Fleming – Reading Specialist Teacher

Mrs. Frank – PE/Dance/Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Gill – Prep Coverage (and previously 45 Teacher)

Mrs. Hamilton – Prep Coverage Teacher

Mrs. Miscione – Learning Resource Teacher

Mme Sheldrick – Remote French Immersion Grade 2 Teacher

We wish all of these wonderful Dundana staff well as they move on to other schools and adventures!

The 2022 2023 Staff List will be posted on the school website at the beginning of September.


Updated on Tuesday, June 21, 2022.
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