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COVID 19 Reporting for Dundana – April 20 2022

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COVID 19 Reporting for Dundana – April 20 2022

Self-reported Covid-19 positive test result notice 

On Wednesday April 20, 2022 our school was informed of a self-reported positive COVID-19 test result or results. The individual or individuals may have interacted with:

  • Mme Lattanzio’s Class F1A in room 112
  • Mrs. Hawley’s Class 12A in room 107
  • Mme Eastwood’s Class F5B in room 214
  • Bus 1 (Route 6252/6295)
  • Bus 3 (Route 6222/6228)

This information is self-reported and has not been confirmed by Hamilton Public Health Services (HPHS). We are uncertain of the infectious period. To protect the privacy of any individual with a positive COVID-19 test result, we do not disclose their name.

Self-reporting positive COVID-19 test results is voluntary for those who choose to report, although should be encouraged.

Under updated Ministry of Health guidance, HPHS will no longer be using cohort-based dismissals for positive cases. Students and staff in a school setting are generally no longer considered high-risk contacts requiring isolation. Students and staff who do not have symptoms, have not been advised to isolate, and who pass the COVID-19 School and Child Care Screening may continue to go to school.

Families are reminded to continue following all public health protocols, including encouraged masking, physical distancing, and close monitoring of symptoms. Please follow the directions provided in the COVID-19 school screening and stay home if your child is sick

For updates, protocols and other COVID-19 resources, visit the website, HWDSB COVID-19.



Updated on Wednesday, April 20, 2022.
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