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Return to School – More Information for Dundana Families

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Return to School – More Information for Dundana Families

There has been so much information over the last several days.  Here are a few important points that may help clarify some questions you have prior to in person schooling on Monday, January 17th.  Thank you for your patience as we all try to sift through the messaging.

Choices for Student Learning

We are looking forward to welcoming many of our students back on Monday for in-person learning.  However, we know this may not be the best decision for every child or family.  Here are the other options available for families not ready to return to learning in person:

Option 1: Full Remote Learning

If you would like your child to switch to remote learning, please complete the form on the Parent Portal by Thursday, January 20th.  Students signed up for this option will be placed in a new or existing remote class somewhere in the board for the remainder of this school year. Information about that class placement will follow on or after Friday January 21st. If you have difficulty accessing the form on the Parent Portal, please just send an email to dundana@hwdsb.on.ca by Thursday, January 20th and we will get your child registered.

Option 2: Temporary Virtual Learning

If you would like to temporarily keep your child out of our school setting, you can sign up for this option by emailing kkeerybi@hwdsb.on.ca  .  For this option, you will be provided asynchronous work packages by grade level to work on independently and will be offered regular check in times via MS Teams to answer questions and offer support.  These packages and support will be board-driven and not provided by the educators of your child’s home school.  You will also need to complete a temporary excusal form to indicate this choice.  Please email Mrs. Keery Bishop for more details and a copy of the form.

Option 3: Absence Due to Isolation or Illness

If your child shows even a single symptom of being unwell, we kindly request that you keep them home until their symptoms are improving for at least 24 hours (or 48 hours if a GI concern).  Students who fail the daily screener must stay home for the length of time indicated by the screener (typically a minimum of 5 days but can be longer). For these absences, please enter your child’s absence in School Messenger as COVID related.  If your child is well enough to do some learning while they are isolating, they can access asynchronous work provided by their educators.  Students would access the work as they did for remote learning (e.g. via MS Teams, the Hub, teacher email to parent, etc). Please consult your child’s educator if your child requires work for their isolation period.  Please note that there will not be the option of synchronous (i.e. MS Teams meetings) learning for a student who is isolating.

Students who exhibit any symptom of illness while at school will be isolated and sent home immediately with instruction for isolation and/or recovery.  We will call parents/guardians first, then emergency contacts, to have your child picked up as soon as possible in order to keep your child and the rest of our school community as safe and healthy as we can.


Verification of Student Screening

Rigorous screening and monitoring of symptoms by students and families is critical to limiting transmission and keeping schools safer.  Families are required to complete the online screener each day at:  https://covid-19.ontario.ca/school-screening/   Please note that there have been a number of changes to the screener in the past two weeks and families are encouraged to become very familiar with the new symptom list and isolation requirements.

To verify that your child passed the screener and is able to come to school, all students should submit the Verification calendar with parent/guardian initials every day.  A paper copy of this calendar was provided back in December, but your child will also come home with a new copy when they return to school.  Please begin using this right away.  Notification will be provided when we are permitted to discontinue this step of verification.


Return of School iPads

If your child received a school iPad for remote learning and they are returning to in person learning, they are to bring the device, charger and cable back to the school on their first day of in person learning.  Please ensure that your child’s first and last name are clearly indicated on or with the device. Students are directed to bring the device to the classroom and put it on their desk on the first day.  The teacher and office will co-ordinate their return to our inventory.  Thank you for your co-operation with this.


Student Masks and Rapid Antigen Tests

We are expecting shipments of both 3 layer student masks and sets of 2 rapid antigen tests to distribute to students in the near future but these haven’t arrived at schools yet.  Once they are here, we will send home the kits with students via backpack, and provide a mask to a student if requested.

In the meantime, all students who are able to wear a mask should wear a good quality, well fitting mask during school time.  Please remember with the colder weather, some students need additional masks to feel comfortable as we transition inside and outside throughout the day.


More information on all re-opening topics is likely to continue to be provided as more is learned and organized.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the Dundana office, staff or the educators of your child and we’ll do our best to help navigate the road ahead.


Updated on Friday, January 14, 2022.
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