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Reminders for Students About Learning on our Virtual Platforms

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Reminders for Students About Learning on our Virtual Platforms

Learning and teaching during this time of school building closure is difficult for everyone.  The teachers and other educators at Dundana have been working hard throughout this process to learn and implement technology platforms to support our students’ learning.  We will continue to evolve our practices as we learn more about what is working well for our students and families.  We thank all of the students and family members who have worked along side us for the last two months co-learning the technology and new modes of interaction with us.  We know how difficult it has been for you and we are thankful you have stuck with us with patience and flexibility as we all figure things out.

One of the most difficult adaptations for students is often understanding the expectations of conduct in a digital learning environment.

Students are reminded that while some expectations have changed as they are learning at home, others – particularly those around safe and respectful behaviour – have not.  Even while learning at home, students are responsible for demonstrating the following:

  1. responsible citizenship through appropriate participation in the digital school community
  2. responsible use of digital devices during instructional time for learning purposes (as directed by the educator)
  3. treating all members of the school community with respect and dignity

(excerpted from the HWDSB Code of Conduct)

Our educators will continue to monitor student behaviour in our digital environment and provide encouragements, corrections and modelling.  We know that all of our Dundana students have the capacity to be kind, respectful, responsible and safe, even when working from home.

Families, if you are having difficulty encouraging your child to follow school expectations for conduct while they are learning at home, please reach out to your child’s educator and/or to Mrs. Keery Bishop (kkeerybi@hwdsb.on.ca) and we can have a conversation with your child about the expectations.

Some of the resources that HWDSB has provided to help families and students understand responsibilities in an online environment are listed here:

Virtual Classroom Guidelines for Privacy and Security

HWDSB Code of Conduct

Responsible Use of Technology

Updated on Friday, May 15, 2020.
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