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How HWDSB Addresses Religious Accommodation

Last updated on Monday, December 18, 2017

HWDSB we all belong

At HWDSB, we celebrate diversity in our schools as we strive for environments where all staff and students see themselves reflected and valued.

We are happy to discuss religious accommodation with families, knowing that we always do what we can to accommodate those requests within reason. HWDSB works to provide religious accommodation to families within Religious Accommodation Procedure for Policy 5.4 (Equity and Inclusive Education) adapted from a template procedural guideline developed by the Ontario Education Services Corporation, with support from the Ministry of Education, the Ontario Human Rights Commission and involvement from legal counsel.

Our former Interfaith Advisory Committee reviewed the guideline, which is a framework for responding to requests from parents/guardians of HWDSB students.

Our Religious Accommodation Procedure of the Equity and Inclusive Education Policy reflects our commitment to take all reasonable steps to provide religious accommodations to staff and students. We take all accommodation requests seriously, and provide accommodations to the point of undue hardship, defined by the Ontario Human Rights Commission. To accommodate a request, we encourage schools to meet families about the proposed accommodation. If it cannot be resolved at the school, SOSAs become involves as per the process in our directive. HWDSB also supports principals with learning, multi-faith resources, Equity staff support and more.