About Us

All Students Achieving Their Full Potential

Providing relevant, responsive education so that each student becomes a lifelong learner and contributing citizen in a diverse world.

Respect, Creativity, Excellence, Citizenship

Our Trustees and staff worked diligently to craft a succinct set of Strategic Directions for 2009-13. As noted, these directions include a vision of all students achieving their full potential, and a mission that sees the Board “providing relevant, responsive education so that each student becomes a lifelong learner and contributing citizen in a diverse world.”

To achieve this, the Board is embracing three overarching themes in its strategic directions: Achievement Matters, Engagement Matters and Equity Matters. These are guiding our specific actions in the years ahead, as we implement the blueprint for action that we refer to as our Annual Operating Plan (AOP).

Specific work that flows from our AOP includes our kindergarten to Grade 2 literacy plan, our work to engage youth no longer at school, our enhanced math programming, and much more.

Strategic Directions ensure that we have clarity of purpose. An Annual Operating Plan guides our year-to-year action, and in our Budget we demonstrate our priorities as we direct funds to areas that best serve our student-focused priorities of achievement, engagement and equity.

At the school level, this alignment is a reflection of our further commitment to enhance our culture of academic optimism, a crucial ingredient in education which is really about attitude and belief. Academic optimism exists when we believe we can reach every student and when there is trust in our schools, throughout our Board and among our parents and our community. It is about holding high expectations for our students. It is also about believing that all of our students can learn, because we have given them what they need.

Total Number of Schools 114
Elementary 96
Secondary 18
Total Number of Students FTE, Body Count 47,756 51,242
Elementary FTE, Body Count 30,902.50 34,203
Secondary FTE, Body Count 16,853.50 17,039
Students enrolled in full day early learning 2,312
Students enrolled in French programs 2,813.00
Students enrolled through Special Education 9,849.00
Students receiving services/supports for English as a Second Language 8,762.00
Percentage of students whos first language is not English 18
Percentage of students with >/= 16 credits by end of Grade 10 63%
Total Number of staff – Academic 4511.15
Total Number of staff – Business & Support 609.95
Average Class Size – Elementary 21.6
Percentage of primary classes at 20 or fewer students 90.5
Total Hours of Community Use of Schools 252,731.25
Top Six Languages English 89.80%
Arabic 3.76%
Urdu 2.30%
Punjabi 1.68%
Spanish 1.24%
Serbian 1.21%
Number of residents in district 519,949
Population Growth 0.27%