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ScienceWelcome to Delta’s Science Department. It is our goal to develop our students’ scientific literacy and problem solving skills to prepare them for all possible post-secondary endeavours. Science plays an important role in our society and impacts our lives on a daily basis. Not every student will enter a science-related field but they will all become members of our modern scentific world. Our department offers a wide range of programs to meet various objectives. Many of our courses focus on preparation for specialist studies in college and university while other courses provide students with basic scientific knowledge, safety awareness and problem-solving skills for the workplace. All of our courses aim to develop students’ understanding of basic scientific concepts, develop students’ scientific inquiry skills, and enable students to make connections between science and the world around them. Regardless of the science courses your child chooses, they will experience hands-on laboratory investigations, improve their ability to develop thought-provoking questions, and develop informed opinions about scientific issues in our society.

Updated on Tuesday, February 20, 2018.
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