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Keep Calm and Love Math

Here at Delta we recognize that math may not be the favourite subject but we’re hoping that our enthusiasm and approach in learning math with understanding rather than memorization will foster our students natural curiosity and creativity, opening them up the the possibility that math may be a benificial part of your pathway. If you love math even better as we hope to enrich your math learning by investigating how mathematical thinking is used in all aspects of the real world.

Department Head

Darren Green

Assistant Department Head

Laura Schmidt

Grade Course Code Course Title – Brief Description
9 MAT1L Locally Developed Compulsory Credit
9 MFM1P Foundations of Mathematics, Applied
9 MPM1D Principles of Mathematics, Academic
10 MAT2L Locally Developed Compulsory Credit
10 MFM2P Foundations of Mathematics, Applied
10 MPM2D Principles of Mathematics, Academic
11 MEL3E Mathematics for Work and Everyday Life, Workplace
11 MBF3C Foundations for College Mathematics, College
11 MCF3M Functions and Applications, University/College
11 MCR3U Functions, University
12 MEL4E Mathematics for Work and Everyday Life, Workplace
12 MAP4C Foundations for College Mathematics, College
12 MDM4U Mathematics of Data Management, University
12 MHF4U Advanced Functions, University
12 MCV4U Calculus and VectorsUniversity


Updated on Tuesday, February 20, 2018.
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