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Canadian World Studies (History & Geography)

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Canadian World StudiesCanadian and World Studies – Geography, History, Civics, Politics, Law

The social studies, history, geography, and Canadian and world studies programs will enable students to become responsible, active citizens within the diverse communities to which they belong. As well as becoming critically thoughtful and informed citizens who value an inclusive society, students will have the skills they need to solve problems and communicate ideas and decisions about significant developments, events, and issues.

Department Head and email.

Matthew Flynn

Assistant Department Head and email.

Jason Fletcher

Grade Course Code Course Title – Brief Description
9 CGC 1P Issues in Canadian Geography (Applied)
9 CGC 1D Issues in Canadian Geography (Academic)
10 CHC 2P/2L Canadian History Since WWI (Applied and Locally Developed)
10 CHC 2D Canadian History Since WWI (Academic)
10 CHV 2O Civics and Citizenship (Open)
11 CGC 3O Travel and Tourism (Open)
11 CHW 3M World History to the end of the Fifteenth Century (University/College Preparation)
11 CHT 3O World History Since 1900: Global and Regional Interactions (Open)
12 CGR 4E Living in a Sustainable World (University/College Preparation)
12 CHY 4U World History Since the Fifteenth Century (University Preparation)
12 CHM 4E Adventures in World History (Workplace Prepartion)
12 CLN 4C Legal Studies (College Preparation)
12 CGW 4U/C World Issues: A Geographical Analysis (University or College Preparation)
Updated on Tuesday, February 20, 2018.
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