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Delta English Department

Department Head: Ms D. McIlveen

Assistant Department Head:

We study a variety of texts, including short stories, novels, plays, social media, film, and articles in our coursework. Additionally, students will work on developing comprehensive writing and communication skills.

Delta’s English Department encourages students to participate in activities such as the Pulse Page, LTAB Poetry Slam, and Literacy test preparation sessions.
The English courses at Delta Secondary School help students to develop the skills they will need to progress to university, college, and the workplace; most importantly, students have the opportunity to build skills for life.

Each of the Grade 9, 10, 11, and 12 English courses build upon the previous grade’s skills.

Destination Pathways are:

  • Grade 9 ENG1D and 10 ENG2D Academic Level English courses lead to Grade 11 ENG3U and 12 ENG 4U University Prep Level classes.
  • Grade 9 ENG1P and 10 ENG2P Applied Level English courses lead to Grade 11 ENG3C and Grade12 ENG4C College Prep Level classes.
  • Grade 9 ENG1L and 10 ENG2L Locally Developed Level courses lead to Grade 11 ENG3E and 12 ENG4E Workplace Level courses.

An Ontario Secondary School Diploma [OSSD] requires the successful completion of one English course for each of Grade 9, 10, 11, and 12 years.

We also offer Grade 9 ENG1D-1E, Grade 10 ENG2D1-1E and Grade 11 ENG3U1-1Y Enriched English, which will lead to Grade 12 ENG4U1-1Y Enriched in September 2018.

Other courses available are Grade 12 University Preparation Level Writer’s Craft EWC-4U1 and the Ontario Literacy Skills OLC4O1 course for students needing help achieving the literacy test requirement.

The Empower Literacy Program helps students develop their reading and their reading comprehensive skills.

Updated on Tuesday, February 20, 2018.
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