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Welcome to the Main Departments Page.

From this page you will see a sidebar menu for each specific department on the left side of your screen.  You may also click on the Department title to access their page.

(Department pages are in the process of being developed for this school year)

Departments and Department Leaders:

Art and Media Studies Humanities
BusinessFamily Studies
English Canadian World Studies Languages
Ms. E. Dywan (Dept Head) Ms. J. Nutter

(Assistant Head)

Mr. G. Darby  (Dept Head)

Ms. R. Ruggieri

(Assistant Head)

Ms. D. McIlveen (Dept Head)

Ms.  Fletcher (Assistant Head)

 Mr. M. Flynn  (Dept Head)

Ms. L. May (Assistant Head)

Ms. N. Millar (Dept. Head)

Ms. I. Almeida (Assistant Head)

Mathematics Music Phys. Ed. Boys’ Phys. Ed. Girls’ Science
 Mr. D. Green (Dept Head)

Ms. M. Seabrook (Assistant Head)

Mr. G. Smink (Dept Head) Mr. D. Laidlaw (Dept Head) Ms. A. Greco (Dept Head)


Ms. J. Wade (Dept Head)
Student Services (Guidance, Coop, Alter Ed.) Technical Studies  Learning Resource  Library Learning Commons
     Ms. Wilson (Dept Head)

Mr. G. Corey (Asst Head)

Mr R. Haddad (Dept Head)

Ms. S. Paduano (Asst Head)

 Mr J. Troisi  (Dept Head)

Ms. R. Duncan


Updated on Tuesday, February 20, 2018.
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