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Principal Blog 2018 06 18

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Principal Blog 2018 06 18

Happy Father’s Day!  The countdown is definitely on!  With grade 12 students writing their exams beginning Monday, and the rest of the school on Thursday, we re definitely in the final stretch!  Thank you for all of your hard work this year!


Congratulations to all of our grade 12 students who had their last class on Friday!  For some, they will be bringing to a close their high school career, and for others they may be returning in the fall.  Thank you for contributing to a great climate within the school.  We are very fortunate to have a community that looks after one another!

Thank you to Ms. Chamber’s baking class for doing an amazing job with their Cake Decorating contest on Thursday!  I was very impressed with the high calibre job all students did!

Fantastic learning

Last Tuesday, Prince of Wales hosted a Transition meeting for the New North Secondary School.  It was a great opportunity to receive more information about the school, what it will contain, as well as what individuals are hoping to have the school represent.  It was a great turnout!  Thank you to some of our staff who gave up their evening to help out!

Week Ahead

Please see below for a brief summary of this week’s busy schedule!


Monday June 18  
1:30 pm Grade 12 Period 3 Exam
Tuesday June 19  
1:30 pm Grade 12 Period 4 Exam
Wednesday June 20  
8:50 am Grade 12 Period 2 Exam
Thursday June 21  
9:30 am Period 1 Exam
Friday June 22  
9:30 am Period 2 Exam
1:15 pm Special Class Graduation, Auditorium


We are also continuing with interviewing potential new supply teachers this week.  For some, this is an exciting time as they have just finished Teacher’s College and are looking to get hired for their first teaching position!  All successful candidates will begin the hiring process by the end of the week!

Have a great week!

Mr. Graham

Updated on Sunday, June 17, 2018.
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