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Principal Blog 2018 06 04

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Principal Blog 2018 06 04

June has finally arrived!  With exams beginning in three weeks, it is definitely crunch time for our students.  Please be aware of the stress and workload that occurs at this time.  If you know of any students needed support, please let us know if the office, or in guidance.


Next year’s school year calendar has been published to the Board’s website –  https://hwdsbonca.sharepoint.com/sites/myhwdsb/Lists/System_Wide_News/Attachments/764/2018-2019%20Secondary%20Calendar.pdf  Many of the days have been entered onto our calendar in team sites.  If you know of any key dates, please let me know so that I can populate Delta’s calendar.


Congratulations to all of our athletes who participated in the Special Olympics last Tuesday to Thursday. From what I heard, they had an amazing time and made memories to last a lifetime.  Thank you Ms. Duncan and Mr. Darby for your support, enthusiasm and leadership!

Congratulations to all of the Alumni who came to the Alumni tea last Wednesday.  Individuals from 1937 – 1943 were honoured.   Thank you for everyone’s support!

Thank you to all of our dynamic coaches who provided incredible opportunities for our students this year.  Last Wednesday evening, HWDSB honoured them at the annual Coaches Appreciation event.  Thank you!

Fantastic Learning

Last Wednesday, researchers from the YMCA came by to speak with  Mr. Haddad, Mr. Behrens and me to learn more about how Delta supports women in the trades.  Mr. Haddad and Mr. Behrens spoke about our all-girls tech class, guest speakers, competitions, and opportunities.  The following day, the researchers came back to speak with some students in order to gain their perspectives and help inform future direction within the city of Hamilton.  Thank you Mr. Haddad and Mr. Behrens for your help and support!

On Thursday, I sat in on HWDSB’s Math Data Steering Committee to learn more about what type of data is needed to support math in our schools.  The discussion led to how we analyze the data and how effective are we at informing our next steps.  With new data being made available to us, this process will become easier and help us drill down further into our student needs.

Week Ahead

On Monday afternoon, Ms. Sykes and I will be attending the Principal Staffing meeting in order to begin to fill all of our remaining classes for the 2018/19 school year.  If you have any questions, about the process, please see a member of the in school staffing team – Mr. l, Mr. Corey, Mr. Darby, Ms. Sykes, or me.

Get ready to celebrate!  Delta’s annual Athletic awards and luncheon is taking place this Wednesday beginning in the auditorium.  Thank you for a great year of athletics!  Despite being a school of just over 600 students, Delta has shown true grit and resilience all year long!  Thank you coaches for your positive influence!

All of our graduates will be glam’d up this Thursday for Delta’s Prom at Carmen’s Banquet centre.  I am looking forward to seeing our students celebrate their hard work over the last four/five years!  Thank you to all of our chaperones who will be attending the event.  Thank you as well to Ms. Bucci and Ms. Haley for organizing the evening!

Have a great week!

Mr. Graham

Updated on Sunday, June 03, 2018.
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