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Principal Blog 2018 05 28

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Principal Blog 2018 05 28

As you walk the halls of Delta, you can tell that summer is almost here!  Some may say that it is the sound of students working, or staff marking, however I’ve been told that it is really the heat beginning to work its way through the building!


Last Friday, it was shared that the Administration at Delta is going to be changing.  After only one year, I will be moving on to the Education Centre as Principal of Student Success.  This portfolio includes working with grades K-12 as well as community partners, the Ministry of Education and key stakeholders as we support students graduating.

Angela Ferguson, current Principal at Westmount Secondary, will be taking over as Principal in September and will continue as the Principal of the New North Secondary School!  Ms. Ferguson brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience.  She has been involved in district work, school closures and unique programming to support students.  I know that that the Delta community will LOVE her!

Our own infamous Vice Principal, Jeff Thomas will also bee moving on next year to become a full time VP at Nora Henderson Secondary instead of splitting his time between us and them.  As this is great news to Henderson and Mr. Thomas, we will definitely miss his poise, knowledge and most of all humour.  Thank you for all of your work supporting the Delta community!  Sarah Beauchamp, current Vice Principal at System Alt-Ed – Vincent Massey site, will be replacing Mr. Thomas’ 0.5 VP position next September.

It has been an honour to be your Principal over the last year.  I know that I have been a part of something special.  That was evident the moment I walked through the doors last August.  In my new role, I will definitely keep Delta’s needs in mind!

Fantastic Learning

Last Thursday I attended the monthly Student Success meeting at the Ed Centre to receive additional information about graduation awards.  Many of the awards reported low application rates in previous years, therefore it was important to hear about all of the opportunities for our students!

A last week’s staff meeting, we began looking at reflecting on this year’s progress as we anticipate our last PD day at the end of June.  Our discussions also revolved around our current AER practices; Most recent/most consistent, determining a final grade, and meaningful comments.  Thank you to the staff for engaging in this dialogue!

Week Ahead

On Wednesday afternoon, Delta’s Alumni Association will be hosting their annual Alumni tea in the staff room.  This year, they are honouring those that went to delta from 1937 – 1943.  Please note that all of the parking spots along the fence of both parking lots need to remain clear for Wednesday May 30 in order to allow alumni to park as close as possible to the entrance.  Thank you for your help!

On Wednesday, Ms. Cooper will be meeting with David Hoy, Manager of Social Work and Mental Health lead for HWDSB to explore further connections that can be made at Delta.  Thank you Ms. Cooper for all of your help this year!

The next Graduation Committee meeting will be taking place this Friday at lunch in the Office Conference room.  Thank you to the graduation committee for all of your help organizing this special event!  If you are interested in helping, please see Ms. Slater!

This year’s Breakfast of Champions is taking place this Friday in the cafeteria at 8:00am.  Students have been nominated by staff for various reasons and given a certificate of achievement.  Thank you to all of the staff who took some time to nominate a student!  Thank you Mr. Behrens and Ms. Ruggieri for organizing the event!

Have a fantastic week!

Mr. Graham

Updated on Sunday, May 27, 2018.
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