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Principal Blog 2018 04 30

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Principal Blog 2018 04 30

I hope you had a great weekend and took some time to relax!


Congratulations to our dynamic Tech department for showcasing to the Board (and greater community) how Tech is an important part of today’s every-changing world. Thank you!  https://youtu.be/ujpVpCtxrmI

Fantastic Learning

Thank you Ms. Duncan, Ms. Dywan, Mr. Darby and Ms. Millar for your help and guidance at the second Cabinet Retreat Planning session last Monday.  We are ready to go for the joint retreat on May 9 with SJAM.  This opportunity will help build skills and learning around change management as well as help to provide additional information with respect to school closures.  It should be a great day!

On Tuesday morning, the Continuous Learning and Improvement Math team met again to determine if specific learning around solving equations can help students acquire the skill.  I was fortunate to be able to jump into one activity and teach again!  For those that don’t know, prior to administration, I was a Math teacher, therefore this brought back a lot of great memories of learning with students!

The In-School staffing committee met on Tuesday to review our staffing allocation for next school year.  I will be sharing this information with the rest of the staff shortly.  Postings for vacant positions will begin on May 7.

Week Ahead

On Monday morning, Ms. Schmidt and I are going to the Renewed Math Strategy meeting at the Education Centre.  This will give us a chance to continue our learning around knowing and responding to our learners as well as collaborate with other schools.

At the end of the day on Monday, Superintendent Sue Dunlop will be stopping by to meet with Ms. Sykes and I around our school data and progress.  This will give us a chance to brag about all of the amazing opportunities that are given to Delta students from our dynamic staff!

The Community Prayer Breakfast is being held on Tuesday morning from 7:00 – 9:00 at Liuna Station.  Three students will be accompanying me to the breakfast.  The theme this year is Hamilton ~ A Community Open to All – and will feature newcomer/refugee student experiences from the Hamilton Wentworth Public and Catholic school boards as well as a keynote speaker, Nate Leipciger.  On May 2, 1945 Nate was liberated from Auschwitz and began his journey to rebuild his life. Nate is a Holocaust survivor, educator, social activist and author; he is 90 years old.

Ms. Sykes, Ms. Wilson and Ms. Schneider will be start creating the timetable for next year at the pre-build session on Wednesday.  This will help set the stage for the build session next week.  We are hoping to have the timetable completed by the long weekend so that conflicts and student changes can be done prior to the exam period.

On Thursday afternoon, George Mantik, Special Education Consultant, will be spending some time with Ms. Duncan and I to review Student Moderations.  This process will help provide input toward our Educational Assistant Allocation next year.

Have a fantastic week!

Mr. Graham

Updated on Sunday, April 29, 2018.
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