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Principal Blog 2018 04 23

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Principal Blog 2018 04 23

Happy Earth Day!  Spring weather is finally here!  I hope you took some time to get outside and soak up the sun!


As some of you may know, a few of our students have had the chance to participate in the YMCA Cultural Exchange to Pangnirtung, Nunavut with 12 other students.  As of last night, they took a trip to the Arctic Circle!

In order to gather information around school cultures and climate, we will be conducting a Positive School Climate survey with our students.  Within Team Sites, you may have seen a post from Ms. Ruggieri.  Her message is below:

This survey takes approximately 20 minutes, and we will be using Room 210 and the library beginning Monday, April 23 during Period 1 only.

Fantastic Learning

On Thursday morning, Ms. Cooper participated in the Mental Health Representative Session at the Board.  At the session, she gathered more information about the ‘We Help’ campaign that HWDSB is rolling out.  More information will be shared soon.

Last Friday. Ms. Sykes and I attended the system staffing meeting in order to find out how many classes and staff we will have for next year.  On Tuesday, we will be meeting with the in-school staffing meeting to review our numbers.  If you have any questions, please connect with Mr. Corey, Mr. Darby, Ms. Sykes or me.

Week Ahead

On Monday, Ms. Dywan, Mr. Darby, Ms. Duncan and Ms. Millar will be meeting with members of the SJAM Cabinet in order to continue planning for the joint Cabinet Retreat day on May 9.  Thank you for your help!

The Math Continuous Learning Initiative will be meeting again on Tuesday morning to continue collaboration around simple math facts – solving algebraic equations and integers.  Thank you Ms. Seabrook, Ms. Sudan, Mr. Bieksa and Ms. Duncan for all of your work!

The New North Naming Committee Meeting is meeting Tuesday evening to begin the process of selecting a name for the New School!  With this exciting next step, we are getting closer to our new home!

The next Student Success Meeting is this Wednesday morning.  Ms. Ruggieri, Ms. Wilson, Ms. Duncan and Ms. Sykes will be attending.  I believe a portion of the day will be spent with our grade 7 and 8 feeder schools.


Have a great week!

Mr. Graham

Updated on Sunday, April 22, 2018.
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