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Principal Blog 2018 04 16

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Principal Blog 2018 04 16

With the confused weather this weekend, who knows when Spring is actually going to arrive??


Thank you to all of the volunteers who took some time to support students at the Prom Project Hamilton last Saturday.  Despite some wet weather, the turn out was amazing!  I was impressed with the experiences students received – clothing, accessories, aesthetics, alterations, photo booth and a gift bag!

Last Tuesday, all grade 10 students  and previously eligible writers wrote the Literacy test.  Thank you Ms. Allchin and Mr. Thomas for organizing the day!  With the new rules allowing students to ask for extra time, the schedule needed to account for flexibility and maintain confidentiality.  Thank you to all the staff for supporting our students!

Last week, Ms. Sykes, Ms. Wilson and I continued to meet with Department heads in order to discuss course options and placement.  This will help us as we head into timetabling in a few weeks.  We want to ensure that all pathways and grades are properly represented and that student voice drives the timetable.

Fantastic Learning

On Thursday, Mr. Darby, Ms. Millar, Ms. Duncan, Ms. Dywan and I collaborated with staff from SJAM around the planning of our upcoming Cabinet retreat on May 9.  We discussed the need to address change management and help build skills to assist staff and students as we approach June 2019.  A second planning session has been set for April 23.

Week Ahead

In order to begin preparing students for next year’s OSSLT, we will be holding a Grade 9 Practice Test during period one between Wednesday and Friday.  This will provide some flexibility as this will be a window for the practice test to occur.  We will be marking the practice tests and using this data to determine which students require extra supports.  Thank you in advance for your help!

On Monday morning, there will be a renewed math strategy meeting where I will be meeting with Ms. Schmidt, Ms. Seabrook and other Math Heads from around the system to support the achievement of our students.  Math Heads and Assistant Heads will continue their learning into the afternoon.

On Wednesday morning at 10:30, there will be a session put on by Terry Lynn for students that may not have applied to College yet, but would still like to. For more information, please see Student Services.

Ms. Cooper will be attending a Mental Health Representative session on Thursday morning to receive more details on the Board’s approach to Mental Health and Wellbeing, and develop a shared understanding of her role.  This will help in the planning the roll-out of We Help in elementary schools for Mental Health (Week May 7-11, 2018). We received our roll-out at the end of February.

On Friday, Principals are invited to attend the Staffing Meeting where we will receive our staffing and line allocations for the 2018/19 school year.  This information will help drive our timetable decisions and set into motion the staff that will be in place for next year.  We will be holding an in-school staffing meeting next week to review our numbers and answer any questions that the in-school committee may have.

Have a great week!

Mr. Graham

Updated on Sunday, April 15, 2018.
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