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Principal Blog 2018 04 09

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Principal Blog 2018 04 09

I hope everyone had a great weekend and took some time to get outside (bundled up of course)!  With the OSSLT this Tuesday, many students are preparing themselves for an important graduation requirement.


This Tuesday’s OSSLT will be this year’s opportunity for students to get their literacy requirement for graduation.  For that reason, please be mindful for the stress that this is placing on students as they get ready to write the test.


Thank you very much to the entire Literacy team for their help preparing our students for the OSSLT.  I have been impressed with the dedication and commitment the team has shown and the extra hours put in.  Thank you!

Thank you Terry Westlake, President of the Delta Alumni Association, for stopping by last Thursday to have a discussion around our school closure.  We discussed the potential inclusion of the outdoor classroom in the New North Secondary School, a Spring Alumni Celebration next year, and the May 30 Honourary Social.  It is amazing to have an Alumni Association that actively participate in celebrating the past, present and future!  I am honoured and humbled to be a part of this rich history and tradition.

Thank you to the Department Heads who have met with Ms. Sykes, Ms. Wilson and I regarding course selections for the 2018/19 school year.  These discussions are essential in order to find out from departments how many courses should run based on student selections.  It also provides a great opportunity to get ideas around course placement and if specific courses should be stacked together.  We are continuing with more meetings this Monday and Friday.  Thank you for your help and feedback!

Fantastic Learning

Thank you Cabinet for a great meeting last Thursday!  We continued a discussion around Department Improvement Plans and began to introduce what type of data would be necessary to help with the direction of our work.  Please remember to send me your list of data sets that you would like to have in order to support your department.

Week Ahead

On Thursday, Ms. Millar, Ms. Duncan, Mr. Darby, Ms. Dywan and I will be meeting with four staff from SJAM (And Mr. Smith) to begin planning for a joint Cabinet Retreat on May 9. This learning opportunity will help Heads continue to expand their skills around being active agents of change as we close two schools and open a new building.  Thank you for your help planning this exciting day!

The Tech department will be having some release time this Thursday afternoon.  The goal of the learning opportunity is as follows; “In the end we should have lessons/activities imported onto the hub for Construction, Transportation, Communications, Computers, Hospitality, Manufacturing and Cosmo. This will improve student engagement which will increase our pass rate and help us with numbers in the junior and senior tech courses we offer.”  Thank you Mr. Haddad and Mr. Behrens for your leadership with the department!

On Friday morning, I have been invited to speak with Peter Sovran, HWDSB Associate Director, to begin a discussion around the vision of the New North Secondary School.  This is an exciting opportunity to be able to set the tone for the new building and base future decisions using this lens.  As things unfold, I will share with you what I can!

Have a great week!  Good luck to those students writing the OSSLT!

Mr. Graham

Updated on Sunday, April 08, 2018.
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