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Principal Blog 2018 03 26

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Principal Blog 2018 03 26

Spring has sprung and the air is fresh!  I love this time of year when everything is starting to grow and we begin to look to the end of the year.  A friend of mine told me that there were only 67 school days left of school until the summer holidays!  Remember to pace yourself and take time to relax!


Over the last week, we have added some new staff at Delta.

  • Welcome Nick Jeffrey who is in to cover Mr. Flynn’s 6 week leave.  We hope to see Mr. Flynn around Mother’s Day.
  • Welcome Ashley Theysen who is covering Period 4 Spec Ed Music
  • Welcome Sandra Dawson as our newest member of the Mentoring EA team!

If you have a chance, please say hi and welcome them to the Delta family!

HWDSB eLearning is looking for more eLearning teachers for the 2018/19 school year.  If you are interested in teaching a class, please let me know so that I can pass on your name to the eLearning team.  This is not a guarantee, however with over 1000 students already registered across the district, we will be in a position to allocate more lines.


Thank you Ms. Schmidt and Mr. Behrens for your work writing a TechnoMath Ministry initiative proposal.  Should it be granted, this initiative will provide release time and resources for double credit Math/Auto partnership.  If you are interested in developing other partnerships, please let me know!

Thank you for a successful Parent Teacher Night last Thursday.  Despite a low turnout, I heard that those who did show up were appreciative of the support provided.  Moving forward, please remind parents that they can gain access to the Parent Portal by connect with Guidance.  This will help with school information, news, announcements, attendance, and stored grades.

Fantastic Learning

Thank you to the entire staff for your work with respect to Continuous School Improvement.  At last Thursday’s Staff meeting, Mr. Laidlaw presented an analysis of the responses to a technology survey that was provided to Cabinet.  This analysis indicated a range of technologies that are used throughout the school.  For departments that wish additional training, proposals are currently being accepted to me as long as they align with Department Improvement plans.

Week Ahead

On Monday, Ms.McCormick, Ms. Bucci, Ms. Wilson and I will be meeting with Tastebuds Hamilton in order to determine our plan regarding school nutrition funding until the end of the year.  In the past, we had two different funds that supported our Nutrition and Morning Meal accounts.  They are not being merged together to better serve our students.

As we continue our preparation for the OSSLT on April 10, the Literacy committee will be holding an assembly for all test writers on Tuesday following lunch.  Approaching the test day, the committee will also be supporting students through preparation sessions.  Thank you in advance to the committee for all their work!

The Math Continuous Learning Initiative will be meeting again this Wednesday afternoon.  Our work will continue around math skills and co-creating lesson plans.  Thank you Ms. Sudan, Mr. Bieksa, Ms. Seabrook and Ms. Orban for your work on the team!

The Student Success team will be meeting again this Thursday morning.  An agenda will be released shortly.  Thank you Ms. Ruggieri, Ms. Wilson, Ms. Duncan and Ms. Sykes.

Have a phenomenal week!

Mr. Graham

Updated on Sunday, March 25, 2018.
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